Allyson Knapp

Allyson Knapp is a sophomore here at Ashland University. Just recently deciding to switch her major from Athletic Training to Sports Management with a minor in Health Risk Communication. She has a strong passion within the sports field and sees herself either working for Riddell, the helmet company, as an equipment rep who sells and talks on the different helmets worn throughout sports but mainly focusing on football, which is her favorite sport. Sisenior-picnce the 5th grade, Ally has stood on a sidelines for football games with her high school, then moving into college and taking an awesome opportunity that was just given to her recently being able to work with the equipment coordinator , here at AU, and getting to continue that passion she has for being on the sideline doing what she loves. Another job setting  she could see herself in is working as an equipment coordinator/ manager at a collegiate level dealing with all equipment with all sports. Her favorite college team obviously other than the Ashland Eagles is the Duke Blue Devils which a dream of hers is to be head equipment coordinator for Duke University. Since she was five days old she attended her first basketball game and ever since then she has attended and played many sports. The last job setting she could possibly see herself in is as a speaker on concussion and how to deal and help prevent and protect yourself from getting one. Since she got a concussion her sophomore year of high school this was one of the many injuries she has always been interested in and always is looking into all the information out there.

Allyson being very active on campus and being within organizations one being Delta Zeta. She joined last fall as this was something she told herself she would never do but then deciding to join to be able to step out of her comfort zone a bit. Doing community service, raising money for her philanthropy, meeting some of her very best friends, gaining more confidence within herself, these are just a few of the many things that Ally has gotten out of joining this sorority.

Past employers Ally has been with is the City of Ontario this past summer, cleaning and mowing and picking up the parks of the Ontario Community. Another one is working for the boutique BEHUMBLE located here in Ashland and Ontario, personal styling and picking out outfits for occasions for women who would come into the store. Lastly a job that is always there for her which is her dads landscaping business, Knapp’s Landscaping, a mowing, mulching self ran business ran by my dad who I try and help out as much as I can during the summer.

Something Ally is proud of and something that she has accomplished through the years is her anxiety and advocating for herself. She has struggled with anxiety since the 5th grade and this being something that has effected her within in school mainly due to her not being the best test taker and having her anxiety really get the best of her when tests come around. She advocates for herself so well and makes sure that professors have a better understanding of her learning style and how they can help her succeed and be successful in all that she does.

Some of Allyson’s personal hobbies and interests are of course watching football, hanging out with friends, shopping, going to Dunkin Donuts to get her favorite drink out there, Sweetened Tea, and most importantly spending quality time with her family.


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