Seth Ansell

20160415_194808Seth Ansell is currently a junior at Ashland University and is majoring in Health and Risk Communication and minoring in Biology and Chemistry. In addition to studying at Ashland University, Seth currently holds a public relations internship with the university’s Auxiliary Services. Other involvement on campus includes being a member of the Tau Kappa Epsilon (TKE) fraternity Pi-Alpha Chapter, a performer for the Ashland University Community Band, a past member of the AU Marching Band, and is a member of the Alpha Lambda Delta Freshman Honor’s Fraternity.

Seth is a hard working member in any organization he is a part of and prides himself on being able to be both a leader and work under someone else’s leadership. He has served as Vice President and Chaplain in TKE’s Pi-Alpha Chapter but also has served as a general member. He is proud to be able to step up when needed and be aware when to let someone else lead. As Vice President, Seth ran the TKE’s social media pages and conduced public relations between the fraternity and the Ashland University community. Overall Seth enjoys working with his fellow brothers in TKE.

Inside of the classroom, Seth enjoys hands on experiences, whether it be a chemistry lab or group work in communication studies. He also enjoys writing large papers, such as lab reports or research papers. Seth enjoys both science and communication studies; however, feels that communication is a better overall fit for him and that is why he decided on a communication major and two science minors instead of the other way around.

Seth currently works for Ashland University Auxiliary Services as a PR intern. His past work experience includes working for 3 different restaurants as a cook, and has worked as a volunteer in the Biology lab at Ashland University. Seth wants to combine his experience working in the lab (a potentially dangerous workplace) and his communication knowledge to become a safety manager for a factory or other high risk workplace where he could implement and regulate policy to ensure worker safety. He eventually wants to go back to school after working a couple years to get a PhD in Risk Management and Analysis or Public Health. He is also looking into other jobs and PhD programs that will combine his communication and science background.

When not studying or working, Seth enjoys hanging out with his fraternity brothers and his girlfriend. He enjoys many activities with his brothers and girlfriend such as cook outs, watching Netflix, people watching, inter-mural sports, and just hanging out. When on his own Seth enjoys playing video games, planning out his future, and listening to music. Some of his favorite bands include Daft Punk, Muse, Panic! at The Disco, and Twenty One Pilots.


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