Susanna Savage

fb_img_1458081387488Susanna is a Junior at Ashland University, triple majoring in Public Relations & Strategic Communication, Health & Risk Communication and English. She plans to further her education by attending law school after graduating from AU. Although she is not certain what specific area of law she will study, it is important to her that as a lawyer she be able to help bring justice to those who have been mistreated. She chose her undergraduate areas of study in order to facilitate her success in law school, and later as a lawyer. She believes that the communication majors will provide her with the skills necessary to effectively and appropriately meet her communication goals as a law professional. She also believes that studying English will not only improve her writing skills, but will also teach her expertise related to forming reasonable and logical arguments and reading complex texts.

In 2016 Susanna became a member of Lambda Pi Eta, the Communication Studies Honor Society of the National Communication Association. She takes great pride in her 3.94 cumulative GPA and has been on the Dean’s List each semester that she has attended AU.

Susanna has worked as a Writing Assistant in Ashland University’s Writing Center for the last two years. As a Writing Assistant she meets with students to discuss and assist with any difficulties that they might be encountering with their academic writing assignments. For the last two years, Susanna has worked as a waitress at the Brown Derby Road House restaurant. Her job duties include acting as a communicator between the guests that she waits on and the rest of the restaurant’s staff, particularly the cooks. Before beginning her work as a waitress, Susanna held a position for one year at a daycare, where she worked with children ranging from zero to twelve years old. She was the sole caregiver for groups of children during various parts of the day and handled parent relations as well light office tasks. Additionally, she was responsible for creation and implementation of lesson plans for preschool-aged children’s activities which were in accordance with Ohio’s State Standards.

While Susanna likes virtually any outdoor activity, gardening and hiking are among her favorites. She also enjoys reading and writing, both of which she feels help her constantly develop and enhance skills that are crucial to the practice of law. She articulates herself in many forms of art including painting, photography, and fabric design. Susanna believes that her ability to express creativity and to see the world from many different angles is displayed not just through the art that she makes but also through her professional performance.


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