Anthony J. Snider



Anthony Snider is currently a Junior at Ashland University.  At Ashland, he is a double major in Sport Communication as well as Public Relations and Strategic Communications.

With his degree from Ashland University Anthony hopes to work for a professional sports organization, either writing recap stories for the organization or working in the Public Relations sector of the organization.

Currently Anthony has two years of class finished toward his Bachelor’s Degree, along with an internship during the 2016 summer.  In that summer internship he worked for the Lake Erie Monarchs, a summer league baseball team that plays in the Great Lakes Summer Collegiate League.   With the Monarchs he held many responsibilities.  During games he worked the public address system and held games for the Mini-Monarch fans in attendance in-between innings.  Along with working the public address, he was able to color commentate roughly ten of the Monarchs’ games.  After the games were finished Anthony would write the team’s post-game recap as well.  Anthony also wrote feature stories and special interest articles for the league’s website as well.

In the summer of 2017 Anthony hopes his prior knowledge and experience can help him obtain an internship with either the NFL in New York City or an MLS team.  He is planning on continuing writing recaps and feature stories.

Prior to his time at Ashland University Anthony went to Riverdale High School near Findlay, Ohio.  He grew in a small town of roughly 300 residents and only had 60 other students in his graduating class.  Anthony’s life was molded by the sports he played (football, basketball, and soccer) and wants a career in sport that he can enjoy.

Anthony is an outgoing man that likes to get to know a lot of people.  He enjoys making others laugh and holding a light-hearted approach to life.  Anthony is driven in life by the quest for a simpler and easier life for his family than that of which he grew up in.


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