Chaise Perez

Chaise Perez is a sophomore at Ashland University , where she is a double major in Sports Communication and Public Relations/Strategic Communication, as well as completing a double minor in Production and Marketing. She very much enjoys being as involved as she can, that is why she is in four different organizations on campus. She is a member of the Epsilon Alpha Chapter of Alpha Phi, Sports Communication Club, Accent on Public Relations, and Journalism and Digital Media Club. In her chapter of Alpha Phi, she apart of the Campus Affairs department where she holds the Lip Sync and Greek Week Chair. She is also the treasurer of her Sports Communication Club. While being a full-time student, Chaise works in the Public Relations office on campus.

When Chaise is not at school, she usually just takes care of her family and spends time with loved ones. She previously worked at Dunkin’ Donuts as a cashier and with the Youngstown Flag Football Association as a videographer. Chaise loves being a videographer, it is one of her many hobbies and personal interests. A few of her other interests are sports, staying active, and volunteering. For four years, Chaise has volunteered her time to be a camp counselor for Camp Kelley’s Island for military kids. All of her interests definitely have influenced her future plans and her future career.

Chaise has said that since she was just a little girl, she wanted to be a sports broadcaster just like Erin Andrews. Growing up, she experienced many different things and still took steps toward this future career. However, when college hit, she took on experiences even more different than before and decided she no longer wanted to do that. Now, she would like to eventually work in the Public Relations department for a sports team, preferably one of the Cleveland teams, but any city would do just fine. Chaise would eventually like to earn enough money to either open her own camp or really contribute to Camp Kelley’s Island. She said the camp has made such an impact on her, she was to give back as much as she has received.


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