Daivon Barrow

Daivon Barrow is a senior here at Ashland University. Daivon is a Sport communication unnamedmajor with a minor in sport management. Daivon is also a four year lettermen on the varsity football team here at Ashland University.

Daivon is a leader here at Ashland University. He is the president of Brothers in Action. An organization he created on his own to help improve the interactions, conversations, and dialogues within all males on campus. Daivon is also is the presidential intern. With this opportunity Daivon directly works with President Campo on projects supporting the mission statement and purpose of Ashland University. Also with his busy schedule Daivon is also the vice president of the senior class. He serves on student senate here at Ashland University. Daivon is also the event coordinator of the black student alliance.

Daivon has struggled interacting with other people when he first arrived at AU. He has overcome this challenge, and now he is extremely active. One of his ways by overcoming his challenge was to start an organization. He has dialogues with people no matter their ethnicity, and succeeds at it.

Some of Daivon’s hobbies are working out, and reading. Daivon loves to read. He says that reading relaxes him faster than anything. Some other things that Daivon loves to do is volunteer. He volunteer at a local little league football team in Columbus to help the kids with their technique, and passion for the game. Daivon has also volunteered at his high school to help raise money for funding for the school so they can earn new school equipment.

Daivon ultimate goal is to have his own organization that creates structure and uplift to young males in the inner city. His goal is to get them accustomed to a lot of different opportunity that involves their future in higher education. He is very passionate about working and being an inspiration for the young males.


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