Natalie M. Antonio

Picture of Natalie AntonioNatalie M. Antonio is a senior this year at Ashland University, where she is majoring in Health and Risk Communication with a minor in Ethics. She is involved on campus with Women’s Chorus, where she is the co-president as well as involved with  AU G.I.V.S. Natalie is also an alumna of Alpha Phi sorority. Natalie has previously worked at Emeritus at Camelot Place, a senior assisted living community, where she was a nursing assistant during her junior year of high school through her freshman year of college. This job required Natalie to think on her feet, to problem solve and respect the dignity of the residents. Currently Natalie works at Valley Tack Shop, where she sells horseback riding supplies, clothing and miscellaneous horse supplies. Natalie has been with Valley Tack Shop since the summer of her freshman year. This job has helped Natalie prepare for the future by learning team work ethic. Natalie hopes to continue working at Valley Tack after she graduates college, to support her horse habit.

An accomplishment that Natalie is extremely proud of is becoming a 4-H advisor for her 4-H club, Sharon Flying Horse and Pony. After 3 years as an active member, Natalie graduated the program when she was 18 years old, with multiple awards, from attendance awards to fundraising awards. Natalie decided to step up, give back to the club and become an advisor. To become an advisor Natalie has to undergo an FBI background check, fingerprinting, and attend multiple trainings per year to keep up her certification. Being an advisor has opened up many networking opportunities for Natalie, has made Natalie think like a leader, and  included ways to implement her communication skills she learns in the classroom at AU.

Natalie’s goals for her future career is to one day work for the Red Cross or the Peace Corps. She would love to work as a crisis manager and assist those in need after a major crisis. Natalie would also like to travel as she graduates college. Natalie has always had a knack for helping people, could see herself assisting people in their time of desperate need and hopes to tie her love of traveling into her dream jobs.

In her free time Natalie likes to ride and show her horse, Mischief Managed, or Jack as he is known around the barn. She also likes to spend time with her dog, Buster, and her family and friends. 


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