Reagan Wheeler

img_4174Reagan Wheeler is a junior at Ashland University. She is double majoring in Sport Communication and Public Relations and Strategic Communication with a minor in Health and Risk Communication.

During her second semester of college she worked in the campus library. Then, throughout her sophomore year she had a job in the Public Relations office on campus writing feature stories on students in different clubs, sports and about internships completed by students.

In the summer of 2015, Reagan got a job at Prasco Park in Mason, Ohio where she is still employed. Prasco Park is a family owned pharmaceutical company that has built up its own summer baseball team over the years. Reagan works all baseball games in the summer doing many different things at the field. Her responsibilities include making food in the concession stand, working the concession window, working inflatables, set up and clean up, wiping seats before games and doing trash at the end of the day. She has also had the job of field coordinator, which is the person who is contacted if there are any issues during the game.

Currently, Reagan is working for the Ashland University Athletic Department filming for the football team. Her job is to film practices and games for the team to analyze. She is also currently interning with Ashland University’s Grid Iron Club. Her main responsibility is to run all social media for the Ashland University Football Team. Posting to Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Snapchat at least once or multiple times a day. During games she keeps fans updated on the score, who scored, yardage gained, who made the tackle and so on. Throughout the week she posts pictures and tweets from games or events that happened or are upcoming.

Sports are a huge interest of Reagan’s and even more specifically, football. She hopes to one day continue in following her passion for the sport by running social media for either a college or professional team.


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