Sarah Van Wagnen


img_6824Sarah is a Junior at Ashland University, majoring in both Public Relations and Health & Risk Communication. She is also studying Political Science through her minor and as a member of the Ashbrook Scholar Program.

She is motivated the most within challenging yet open environments, and was drawn to her areas of study for the compelling questions about humanity these disciplines raise.

This semester she is working in the PR office and is enjoying learning more about the field. In the fall of 2015, she interned with the Ashland Area Chamber of Commerce to help develop their strategic marketing plan. This experience made her extremely interested in politics relating to public policy and how to help as many people as possible.

Within her undergraduate career, Sarah strives to find organizations that inspire her. She is currently a member of AU Young Democrats,  Alpha Delta Pi, and academic honor societies. When many people hear the word sorority they think of unserious college girls. What they do not know though, is all that one can give you. In her chapter, Sarah runs the recruitment and marketing efforts on the executive board. She has learned to motivate and lead others, while also growing within herself. She knows the value of  leadership, scholarship, and philanthropy; all taught to her by a group of women who changed her life. Since becoming a member of these organizations, she has had the confidence to speak out for what she believes is right.

In the time when she isn’t running around campus, Sarah loves to grab coffee and read novels that really make her think about life from different perspectives. She loves nothing more than her dog Wriggly (who has his own instagram page) and spending time with her closest friends. Over the summer, she had the opportunity to travel to Italy with her roommates, and learned to appreciate the beauty of other cultures. Any new adventure is exciting, and she is ready to see what the next few years bring.

After college, Sarah strives to work for a company or organization that represents her desire to help those who need it the most. She hopes what she finds fascinating to read in or outside of class will give her the knowledge to help create the reform she believes the country needs. Whether that leads her to law school, a nonprofit, or a particularly inspiring company she is unsure, but her passion will be sparked when the opportunity comes.






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