Tyler Starr

pictureTyler Starr is a double major in Public Relations/Strategic communication and Sport Communication. He is in his junior year of the program at Ashland University.

He intends to apply for an internship in the summer of 2017 with a sports team or athletic apparel brand. This would allow him to pursue his passion in the constantly growing world of sports.

Tyler is an active member on the Men’s golf team at Ashland University and he also avidly participated in an assortment of intramural sports at AU. He belongs to the Sport Communication club that is involved in things around campus such as the football kickoff pep rally and fundraiser sporting events like goal ball and dodgeball.

Tyler has previously been employed at several different places. He has worked on the grounds crew of Sycamore Springs Golf Club where he did landscaping work and tree removal. He was a Golf department manager at Dick’s Sporting Goods where he was the leading Salesman of the golf department, built golf clubs and fit people for clubs. Another place of employment for Tyler was Tower International Automotive where he was a grade 3 welding technician for automotive companies including Ford, Nissan, and BMW. His most recent place of employment was Ball Metal Container Corporation where he was an operator and sorter on the can line. He made sure the beer cans made it safely onto their packaging and checked for any quality problems to the customer.

Tyler’s ultimate goal in life would be to end up with a career in the world of sports in the communications department of the USGA. He would want to be on the committee of people that discuss the layout and distribution of materials such as new rules and golf events. This would also include their relation with the PGA and European Tour.



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