Strengths Finder Analysis

by Ally Knapp

Strength Finder gave me the ability to test what it thought my top five strengths are. Showing me I have Discipline, am an achiever, have beliefs, have significance, and lastly have focus. After reading all five of these descriptions and what Strength Finders believes what each means, I would have to agree with all five of these on defining me. Breaking the strengths into a couple of different parts on the explanation gave me the ability to understand each one a little more in depth.


My first strength is Discipline.  This has been something that was taught to me through my parents and just how I have been raised. My mom being a very organized person and always having a schedule and having things planned out at all times. I picked this up right from the start and honestly might be more into it and demanding of it more than her. I have a planner and its with me at all times and everything that’s either going on, assignments due, upcoming tests, and whatever else, its written in my planner in an organized fashion. Each thing is color coordinated so I know what exactly it is. Slacking off or even not doing things that need to be done at a certain time could be the possible weakness that can get in my way of succeeding.

I have always been a very organized person ever since I was little. Things have to be in there place at all times or not going to lie it gives me a bit of anxiety. I am a freak about my car and if it isn’t cleaned on the outside or swept and clean in the inside I clean it because a dirty car is one of my most biggest pet peeves. Another pet peeve of mine is my room and closet. Room at all times has to be clean and organized. Closet has to be the same way. Clothes color coordinated and all hung up neat and nicely. Shoes all facing the same way and not just thrown in my closet. Organization is just something that was just given to me and honestly couldn’t see myself being as crazy of an organizer that I am.


            The next strength is Achiever. This being something that you have set your mind to and something you want to make happen and achieve. You have to have a hard work ethic and drive to achieve your goal. You’re the type of person who is always busy and doing something at all times to get closer to the dream. This being one of the strengths I can agree with most. I have always had high expectations for myself and look to succeed in all that I do. For me, my career and what I want to do with the rest of my life plays a huge role and is something that I have a drive like no other to make happen.

Ever since I was a younger I have always had this mentality and took up any opportunity that would get me closer and help me gain the knowledge that I would need one day to fulfill my expectations and job choice. Ever since the 5th grade when I took the opportunity to be the water girl for my high school’s football team, I knew from that day on, I was supposed to be doing something with sports specifically in football_stadium1football. Since then I stood on my high school’s sideline every football game. I picked up on everything that I possibly could. This was all possible due to my dad’s position and all that he does within the school. He’s an Athletic Trainer and equipment manager for my high school football team and if it wasn’t for him my career choice and options that have been given to me wouldn’t have happened. Since I have grown up with such a hard working dad and someone who has given me so much in what I want to do one day, he’s the absolute reason why I have choose the career and major I want to be in. With many other positions he holds, the Athletic Training and Equipment position were the two that stood out to me from day one and something that I could see myself doing. My freshman year of college I chose and thought I was supposed to be an Athletic Trainer one day but that wasn’t the plan for me I guess. Taking up every opportunity that I could as a freshman in college in the athletic training field but applying for the program and then receiving a letter this past May telling me that I was not excepted in, I had to look into some other career options and see I guess what I truly am supposed to be doing. After looking into different ways I could possibly do the athletic training I finally decided that it just wasn’t for me and that I needed to find something else that fit me better. This being something that could get in the way from what I want to do and not allow me to succeed as much as I want to. Sometimes you think should go the way you believe it should then it not. I am a firm believer of everything happens for a reason and it just wasn’t in my plans to be an Athletic Trainer. Now deciding to go the equipment route and wanting to be either and equipment manager at a D1 school or even working for Riddell with this equipment factory located in Elyria, Ohio and or being at there main head corders in Chicago, Illinois. Wanting to achieve something is huge to me and I plan to carry that as long as needed to be able to meet the goals and expectations I have for myself.

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Belief being the next strength. This I think best demonstrates daily reminders and quotes that I live by. I am such a quote person and have many that I relate back to on a daily basic. One being the quote “Believe in yourself.” This being one that I constantly remind myself of because for years I have always had a hard time believing in me and all that I am capable of doing. Last year during spring break I decided to get that exact quote tattooed on my foot. It was a tattoo that I had wanted and looked at since I was a freshman in high school. I decided to have my mom, dad and sister write a separate word so it would be with me at all times. This being something that I will forever cherish knowing that the three most important people in my life wrote that and they were able to tattoo it on my foot.

Another quote that I probably remind myself daily is “Everything happens for a reason.” This couldn’t be more true considering somethings we don’t understand why something happened the way it did but there was a reason and at the end of the day everything will be alright and work it self out. Having multiple curve balls I would say thrown at me and situations have truly tested me but I relate back to this quote and remember that there was a reason why it did happen.


Significance is the next strength. This is something that I do on a daily. I want people to see I am worth something and have strong skills and that I am capable of doing big things.  My career and my drive and determination for what I have planned for myself sometimes scares me because of how big it is but honestly you never can dream to big. Weaknesses that could occur from these strengths are for instance thinking you’re supposed to do one career when that’s not the case and you don’t get into that specific program which recently happened to me. Growing up watching my dad as my high school’s athletic trainer and wanting to do exactly that was what I thought was in the plans and the career I should go after. Little did I know there was a different route for me. After not getting acceped into the Athletic Training program here at Ashland, I am choosing to go a different route with sports management and health risk and communication. I honestly have not been happier with a class schedule and the opportunities that has been given to me this year. I am helping with the equipment staff with the football team here at Ashland University and I know with certainty that this is what I am suppose to be doing with my career. Things could not be going any better and I am looking forward to seeing what else is in store for me with my time here at Ashland and then following graduation.


The last strength is focus. I have dealt with a number of challenges though out my life mainly within school but with my drive and focus I am unstoppable and know that I can overcome anything I set my mind too. Since the 5th my parents and I recognized something with me in school while taking tests. I had tests done on me went to the doctor and finally by the time I was in 7th and 8th grade I was put on a 504 then my sophomore year I was put on an IEP being diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder. Struggling with this the rest of my life. I have been put on anxiety medication to help me deal with this struggle and difficulties that I deal with.

Setting goals and things I want to achieve is something that I have always done for myself. Having high expectations for myself and never settling for nothing but the best and pushing myself to my limits have shaped me into the person I am striving to become. Everyday I go into it with a mind set of things I need to achieve and get done especially while I am at school knowing I am in extra curricular activities and then my school work. Obviously wanting to make sure all school work and everything is done on time I set aside my extra time to make sure that all school work is done and out of the way. Even sometimes trying to get work done earlier then when it really is due.

For my top five strengths that were demonstrated out for me, for the most part these are five strengths that I feel I do on a daily basis. By being discipline, wanting to achieve, having a belief in something, having a significance, and lastly being focused. My determination and drive to accomplish all that I want to accomplish keep me motivated and continue to make me strive for excellence day in and day out. I am very happy with the way everything is unfolding and laying out for me. I will continue to work hard and be the best version of me that I possibly can be.



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