Sabrina Mills-Strengths Finder 2.0 Analysis

by Sabrina Mills

Strengths Finder Analysis


The strengths finder analysis is a test to find out what my top skills and strengths are that will help me to better understand what kind of beneficial roles I can bring to the environment around me. I have used this recently and whenever i’m around my friends, I can tell how my strengths play out. This is beneficial in understanding my unique style as a leader because everyone has a different personality. So leadership qualities make every leadership style a little different. And each style brings something unique to the table.



This means that I like to solve problems. If I come into contact with a problem that I’ve had before. I know how to face it head on. It also means that I enjoy bringing things back to life. I like to give new life and new meaning to the things around me to try and energize the people around me. Sometimes bringing it back to life is what saves the company. In other words, I fixed it, saved it, and brought it back to life.


A possible weakness would be that I’m trying to restore something that isn’t able to be brought back. So not only would I be wasting time and effort, but i’d be wasting my skills on something that isn’t coming back.


A personal example of this is when my friends are having a fight. No matter what the situation is, I can be the party to step in and try to help them solve it. If I’m not part of the fight, this helps to solve the conflict faster. Being able to see it from both sides is also an advantage that I have when trying to help people solve problems.



Includer means that I like to make the circle wider. I want to include everyone and make sure that everyone feels welcome and not out of place. I like to make people feel the warmth of the group. I push judgments aside. Their religion, race, etc. doesn’t make a difference to me. I feel that everyone is important, and no one should be ignored.


If I came across a person I wanted to include, but this person didn’t bring good to the table, this is a weakness. I have met people who did nothing but try to bring others down and that’s not the kind of people that I want surround myself with.


My group of friends has always called me the recruiter. Whenever we meet new people or see someone sitting by themselves, I’m the one that goes over and invites them to sit with us. Whenever we meet new people, i’m the one to introduce everyone, and make sure that they know they are welcome to hang around us.



Empathy is when I can sense the emotions of people around me. I can feel their feelings as if they are my own. I able to see their side. Even if I don’t agree with the choices that they are making, I still understand why they made that choice. Im also good with helping others to find what they want to say. Finding the right words, and the right tone.


If I’m trying to help someone, and try to understand how they might feel, a weakness would be if I was intrusive, or of they didn’t want to be helped. If I step too far over boundaries, or if I make the person feel uncomfortable, all of my effort is lost. Sometimes even if I don’t agree with their choices, even though I understand, it might affect the way that I see this person, and it could affect our relationship.


One of my friends used to have conflicts with her mother a lot. Whenever she came to me about it, I would tell her that she needed to talk to her mother instead of screaming at her all the time. I suggested that maybe her mother was angry because all they did was fight all the time. She told me one day that she took my advice, and her mother and her were trying not to yell all the time, and trying to talk things out.



I am living in the moment. I can go with the flow. Whatever situations throw at me, I can take them as they come, and figure out what to do. This means that I know the future is uncertain, so I take it as it comes. I never expect anything to be exactly planned, so I know that it can change. I am a flexible person, who can stay productive.


A possible weakness is that sometimes it’s good to plan for the future because even though you never know what coming, sometimes having a set plan is the right thing to do. Because this could end up being the one certain thing for you in the foreseeable future. So sometimes having something to count on is nice when everything else is uncertain.


From personal experience, I know that nothing is certain. Relationships change, people change, people leave. Nothing is certain. But I am able to adapt to changes quickly, because that’s what I’ve had to do for most of my life. I don’t plan too far ahead because I know that things can change at the drop of a hat. I had to change schools my senior year, and so I know what life can throw at you.



I can see potential in others. I can see what they can do, as opposed to what they are doing.I believe that everyone is a work in progress, and everyone can improve and grow with every day. I look for way to challenge them. To push them out of their comfort zone and to do better. I like encouraging people, and helping them. I look for new growth in people everywhere, because all improvement is good, whether it’s big or small.


When trying to encourage people, and push them past their limits, it can get hairy. Even though you know that they have the potential to do better, some people are just set in their ways. And some people are not open to change even if they see that they can do better. So even trying to help them becomes a nuisance to them. 


I used to go to a summer camp, and there was a kid who never believed in himself. Always said that he couldn’t do something. Or that he wasn’t good enough. But the biggest thing he wanted to do was join the baseball team at his school. He didn’t believe it was even worth the shot, because he didn’t think he was good enough. I told him that he should try out anyway, because he would never know if he never tried. I told him that I believed he was good enough, and that I didn’t want him to give up. 


My five top strengths would work well together to create my own personal leadership skills. I think that I am already a leader in my own way, so my top strengths would help to refine the skills I already have. My problem solving skills would help to solve conflicts, and my empathy strength would help me to see from other people’s points of view, so I could try to be as fair as possible.


My developer skills would work well in leadership because by seeing the potential in others, I can work with them to help them reach their true potential. I can also motivate people to try their hardest so that they will be able to see that they can do more than they think they can. And with empathy, if i can see what someone is having trouble with, I can help them within my power to overcome their obstacles.
I think a lot of businesses would benefit from this type of leadership. A lot of businesses have leaders who like to settle arguments with one final decision, where my style would be to hear both sides of the story and see the problems from a different angle.


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