Strength Finder 2.0 Analysis

by Morgan Bittengle

StrengthsFinder 2.0 has been very beneficial to me in just the short two weeks I’ve been using it. It has helped me realize and see the areas in which I succeed most in, as well as opening my eyes in seeing the select areas that may need some work done. StrengthsFinder is very useful also because it helps me get a better understanding of my leadership styles by going in depth about each of my five strengths. Being able to read into the details helps me realize that the strengths mentioned do apply strongly in my personality and the way I work with other people/groups. I also like how StrengthsFinder enables me to see the connection to my strengths. They all relate and bounce off of each other in some sort of way and it is helpful being able to see that.

My number one strength was Discipline. I feel like this strength is very fitting for me and the way I present myself.To be discipline means to be on track and efficient, even when there are a million reasons and ways to get distracted and off topic. It also means being able to be stern with others when it comes down to a serious project or assignment. A possible weakness to this though may be that you could get caught up too much in trying to stay on track that you get lost and aren’t able to bring in other ideas. Being discipline is something that everyone has to achieve at some point to be able to succeed and reach a certain goal. There are so many distractions in the world that it can be easy to get off track.

An example of how I am discipline in my everyday life is by being a student-athlete. It is easy to get behind in classes due to the amount of times I have to miss a class, but by being discipline I am able to study and do my homework, even when all I want to do is sleep. Also along with being an athlete, it takes a lot of discipline on the field as well. Our coach tells us this everyday. Whether it be discipline enough to make the last sprint to get behind the ball or it be having the composure to finish the game winning shot. Ashland University is a great school and to be able to represent it through academics and athletics is something my team and I are discipline enough to do. Discipline is something I learned to be from a young age and I take pride in this being a strength of mine.

Another strength of mine is Harmony. This strength is all about trying to keep the peace between everyone involved and I think this is also a great representation of my personality. I feel that harmony is something I strive for because it helps things go a lot more smoothly when people are trying to work together for one goal/outcome. Harmony is finding the good and common in people even when there may be conflict going on. Being able to find the good in everyone is not an easy task, especially when there may be people who you may not like. Being harmonious means putting that aside and trying to find a common ground in which everyone will benefit from.

An example of how I am harmonious is one that my friends bring up often. No matter who it is that is arguing, I am always one of the first ones to step in and try to clear it up. I am not a fan of having awkward encounters and when friends are arguing, I feel it is awkward so, I step in. This also rolls over into group projects as well. I typically have a lot of input but I like to try to mix everyones ideas so no one feels left out on their ideas and everyone can be happy in the group. When a group all gets along, they are more likely to be successful and have better ideas to go off of, so I like to try to keep the peace between everyone.

Futuristic is the next strength on my top five list. Those who are futuristic are said to be inspired by the future and the what could be. They are amazed and fascinated by the future. Being futuristic means being inspired by the things that could happen in the future. The future is an exciting, scary thing, so being able to work now for success in the future is such a great motivator and it can make anyone work hard.

For anyone who knows me well, they know this is something I take very seriously. I am surprised that this strength wasn’t my top strength, because it means so much to me and I feel so strongly about it. For example, my senior year of high school I developed a “ten year plan” in which I included my goals and intentions of what I want to happen in my life in the next ten years. Some think this isn’t a good idea because it just gets my hopes up for stuff that may not be realistic, but I think of it as a good way to push myself to get to the things I want in life. One goal that I feel very strongly about is being able to move to Charleston, South Carolina at some point in the ten year plan.  Being able to look into the future and realize what I want out of life pushes me to be the best me each and every day. Since I have developed the ten year plan, I have had some set backs and I feel that it has only made me stronger and work harder to achieve what I truly want.


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My fourth strength was Relator. A relator is someone who is drawn to people they already know. They also have many friends, but keep a knit circle of a select few and form a deep relationship out of that. Someone who likes to build off of close friends in order to succeed more.

All my life I have been known to be a relator. I have had a lot of friends, but really only hung around a small group of them. With the small group I surround myself by, it is obvious we have that deep connection that isn’t just like an average friendship. I am grateful for these relationships because they truly bring out the best in me in school, soccer and life in general. We like to compare ourselves to Rachel, Ross and the rest of the crew on Friends.

My fifth and final strength mentioned was consistency. I take a lot of pride in this strength. People who are consistent try to make things as even and fair in the beginning as possible. Setting up clear rules and adhering to them is also another characteristic that someone who is consistent has.

When it comes to my personal life, I try to keep an even balance between school, soccer, social life and more, which means me being consistent. I am consistent with my personality as well, which means most people will know how I’m going to respond to something, I don’t typically change my views very easily.

I would say that my leadership style would lean more towards informal because even though I like to be efficient, I am personable and want what’s best for everyone in the group, hence the harmonious strength. I also feel in a work environment, that is how I would work best so I would want to try to create that type of scene as well. Having an open-door policy or workplace is very appealing because it doesn’t seem so restrictive and many people are able to show their strengths this way. In the workplace, it would be beneficial to be able to take ideas to anyone and everyone that way people can bounce ideas around and work off each other, rather than have a workplace where you can only take your ideas to the boss. Having a futuristic personality makes me feel even stronger about the open-door policy because I can see all the success that would come from people being open and discussing their ideas out loud.

After looking at my five strengths, it is helpful in seeing my leadership styles and how I will be able to succeed more with taking advantage of knowing the strengths. By being discipline, harmonious, futuristic, a relator, and consistent, I am able to achieve goals and accomplish projects in an efficient yet effective manner.All of these strengths pertain greatly to me and I could relate each and every one of them to playing college soccer, but I tried to limit that because it would have been repetitive. College soccer has taught me so many lessons though and brought my attention to my main strengths and where I am able to succeed the most.


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