StrengthsFinder Analysis (Torin)

by Torin Wetzel

StrengthsFinder Analysis



StrengthsFinder is definitely beneficial to understanding the leadership skills people possess. Sometimes it is extremely difficult to know how exactly you are as a person in certain situations, so StrengthsFinder really helps with identification. All the questions may get tiresome, but they are used to show patterns in your answers. The strengths that I received when I finished my assessment were very accurate. I believe that if you take time with the assessment you will receive accurate results. The questions themselves were interesting and some were hard to answer. Once you finish the assessment you get a feeling for why certain questions were asked and others were not. The test itself does not take too long and the results are worth it.

  • Includer

The first strength that I received by StrengthsFinder was Includer. Includers feel very strong about make sure other are in the loop and do not feel excluded from a group. They have very high acceptance for people and will make sure people feel as though they are part of the group. Includers are very good at noticing people who are left out and who are feeling uncomfortable in a situation. This strength was my number one strength with StrengthsFinder. I believe that this is right on point. I am very in tune to people and hate to have people left out. From as early as I remember I have always tried to make friends with those who seem they are in need of one. I have sat by people who seem alone at lunch and included people in my friend group that needed some friends. I have even continued to do this through college because it is just part of my nature.

I worked at a YMCA this summer at day camp where I had to work with children every day. I found it very important to include children in each game or activity we had. I always tried to help the children who seemed to seem out of the loop and away from everyone else. Children should not feel alone especially in an environment like that. One of my favorite children at camp and the one that I spent the most time with was a 6-year-old with minor autism. He was always excluded by the other children because he was a little bit different. I loved him though, he was so fun to be around and I know I was his best friend at camp. I believe that things like that make me an includer. In my opinion, the StrengthsFinder assessment got this first strength right for me.

  • Developer

The second strength that I received from the StrengthsFinder assessment was developer. A developer sees potential in others and enjoys helping them to grow to that potential. Developers look to challenge others to make them better, and the encouragement they often have helps people to push themselves to greater lengths. They get motivation and satisfaction from seeing others grow and helping them to obtain their goals. A weakness to this strength may be that the developer spends too much time worried about others development that they don’t focus on their own goals and aspirations.

I believe that this strength does apply to me in a couple of different ways. I think that I do put others before me in a lot of situations. I’ve always been an unselfish person and I think that seeing other succeed is a very enjoyable experience. I have played sports my entire life and I remember always trying to make sure others are getting play time and chances to succeed. Seeing other become better and more comfortable is a nice thing to witness. I think that being a part of the reason someone does well is such a powerful thing. People cannot achieve the things they do without help and people there to push them to strive for more. Being one of the people that helps to do that is very personally beneficial. I think that this strength fits me pretty well. I would say that I have been a developer many times in my life, but I do not seek it out as much as I used to when I was younger.

  • Positivity

People that possess the positivity trait are very good at getting other enthused and excited about things as well as working people out of bad moods and habits. Positivity is a great strength to have as they are very quick to smile and look for the better side of every situation. They seem to find ways to lighten and make a room feel better and more comfortable. Positivity is infectious and it makes people feel better when present in a room.

I believe that this trait does fit me for most aspects of my life. I believe I am a very positive person and am quick to find the better in a situation. I am rarely ever in a bad mood and even if I was it would only last a few minutes. I have showed positivity through diversity whether it be in school, sports, or daily life. I think that sometimes a little too much positivity can be trouble because you need some balance in your life and you cannot just always put a fake smile on. With that said, positivity is a great trait to have when dealing with others and yourself, there just has to be a little balance.

Positivity is extremely powerful in certain situations. Sometime all that people need is someone to be there for them and smile and bring some encouragement. That can go a long way when someone is feeling down or in a bad place. I remember in high school in Monroe, MI  when one of the boys in our class passed away how down everyone was, it was a very tragic time and especially because we didn’t have that many people in our school so everyone knew each other. The first few days of school after the fact were extremely rough, and then I remember people starting to just talk about his life and how much fun we had with him. We all started to try to be extremely positive and enlightened with the situation and find the good behind it. Although it was a terrible experience, positivity helped all of us cope with the situation and move forward to believe our friend was in a better place.

  • Restorative

Restorative was the fourth strength that my assessment appointed to me on StrengthsFinder. People with restorative talents are very good at solving problems and issues and often seek out tougher tasks to challenge themselves. They want to find a solution to an issue or problem and will work hard until they find one. They can make adjustments and analyze situations in order to achieve the challenge.

I think that this strength fits me in some ways, but others not so much. I like to solve problems and issues but I can also sleep at night knowing somethings have not been resolved yet. I also tend to take some shortcuts with things by nature, and a restorative would not do that. A restorative wants to fight the tougher battles and take on the tougher tasks and I think sometimes I shy away from that path. I do like to solve issues and find results though, I just do not think it is with as much passion as restoratives.

  • Belief

Belief was the fifth strength that the assessment gave me. People with strong belief have a set in stone set of values. They may be different from person to person, but those with these values are very persistent. They have deep core values that may just be personal ideas or beliefs that they live by day to day. They have a strong sense of meaning and are very mission based, which helps them with direction in their lives. They are very trustworthy and driven people with a lot of self-motivation.

I believe that this strength fits me the least out of the five that StrengthsFinder gave me. I tend to waiver a lot with things and am not set in stone with my beliefs at all times. I tend to be more go with the flow and change my opinions from time to time. With that said, I do possess some of the traits involved with belief. There are many things personally that I believe in that are not changing and are not waivered. I also have goals set for myself that I enjoy pursuing and won’t stop pursuing.

My top five strengths from StregthsFinder are includer, developer, positivity, restorative, and belief. I believe that all of these strengths can be very beneficial to a person, and also that I do possess at least some of each of these strengths. Including people who seems left out works great with being a developer. With these two strengths you are including those who feel left out and also pushing them to grow and seeing the potential in them for success. Those two strengths work hand in hand in my opinion.

Positivity also works in well with the includer and the developer. Being positive is a trait that can help you in any setting. It will especially help when trying to include others and help them fit in as well as when trying to guide people to their full potential. I cannot think of many scenarios when positivity does not help the situation. I believe that restorative and belief fit well together because someone who is intrigued with solving problems needs to have firm beliefs and a good moral standard. To be able to adapt to situations you need to have good core values in order to not lose yourself in the work. My five strengths seem to fit together well and would make a pretty good leader.


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