Tony Snider – Strengthsfinder Analysis

by Tony Snider

Taking Strengthsfinder 2.0 for myself was incredibly enjoyable.  Although lengthy, as I strengthsfinderworked along on the questions I became more and more conscious about what my test results might be, and I eventually started to write down and guess what the test might say my strengths were.  After getting my results I was pleased to see the test conclude my top five strengths were being a relator, having competitive nature, being consistent, being adaptable to multiple situations, and also being restorative by nature.

1.)Relator – I was pleased to see that my top strength listed was a relator.  As I thought more about it I looked back into my life and realized how much I do enjoy being open to those that are close to me and being able to listen well and understand that person’s situation.  The Strengthsfinder 2.0 had a relator relator talents described as a person’s attitude toward their relationships and how we are specifically drawn to close to those that we already know well.  Although relators do not necessarily shy away from new people, we feel more comfortable being around those that we know a lot about and are able to connect with on a more sentimental level.

I feel that this trait does describe me pretty well because of how much I enjoy getting to learn about people and connecting with them on a more serious level.  Both back home and here at Ashland University I am known to be friends with most everybody, although I do have that close knit group of inseparable friends both at home and here at Ashland as well.  The relator trait in me helps me grow more important and worthwhile relationships with these closer groups of people in my life.  In the workplace this trait will help me because I will be more able to create strong connections with coworkers and management that will help me advance my career in the long run.

2.)Competition – Seeing that competition was listed as one of my strengths was no surprise to me.  Someone who has a strong competitive nature holds their talents and achievements compared to others at a very high level.  This trait in me helps me strive to be the best at basically everything I go out to do.  Those with this trait hold the “if it is worth doing, it is worth doing right” type of mindset.

My whole life has been centered around athletics, which is where this competitive trait has grown in me.  I was a three-sport athlete all throughout high school, which fueled my competitive nature.  Football was my love, although I was always one of the smallest athletes. In football there is a very distinct “no excuses” type of attitude that comes along with it, one that I understood from a young age.  I loved the game and loved to prove people wrong on the field.  This trait can come in very handy in my future career.  No matter what work someone is doing, if they do not have an attitude that pushes them to do their best work, they will never succeed as much as someone that does poses that attitude.  Being as competitive as I am, I know it will only help me to climb the ladder position wise throughout my career.

3.)Consistency – Interestingly enough, following “relator” and “competition” came consistency for me.  Although I enjoy getting to know people on a deeper level and hold such a competitive nature, I am still adamant about treating people equally and fairly, and am able to make fair judgements.  The consistency strength is given to those that are able to create a consistent and livable environment around them.  I feel that this trait does fit me well, as I do not have a specific “clique” or type of person that I am to become close with.

In my time thus far I feel that I have been able to connect with many different types of people and hold a steady work ethic as well.  Those with this consistency strength find a way to hold their values and guidelines at a high standard, always.  This strength will help me in the workplace as I will better be able to create relationships with many groups of people and still be able to hold a steady, consistent schedule as well.

4.)Adaptability –  Seeing the adaptability strength in my top five was another strength that I was proud to see in myself.  This strength is given to those that do not necessarily see the future as a fixed destination and take pride in developing and learning new material along the way.  I feel this strength does apply to me because of how understanding I am of certain situation.  I like to be challenged at times because I feel that conquering new tasks and learning new skills can only better as a person.

This adaptability trait in me has derived much from an internship that I worked the summer of 2015.  I worked for a company called Automated Data Processing, or “ADP”.  At ADP I conducted phone interviews to those applying to lower level positions in large companies such as Pepsi Co and Hallmark.  I had never done any work along these lines, but realized how great of an opportunity it was for me to work for a prestigious company and learn useful information for my future.  Now I am at the point of understanding where I enjoy tackling new jobs because of the benefits I can receive from broadening my knowledge.

5.)Restorative – Seeing the restorative strength in my top strengths confused me a bit.  I
was thrown off by this trait until I dug deeper into exactly what this strength meant.  The Strengthsfinder 2.0 described this as someone that loves to problem solve.  Those with this trait enjoy overcoming obstacles and do not get down when something does not go their way.  I realized after a minute how closely this strength relates back to the adaptability trait.  Both are centered about being able to overcome challenges and not getting put down by something that may get in their way.

I feel that this restorative trait is another one that stems from my time as an athlete.  In the world of sport one never knows what hurdles they may have to climb next. Whether it be sickness, injury, or lack of performance, there are always reasons an athlete may not be able to be on the field for game day, but that was the burning thought in the back of my head that drove me to be my best every single day.  At any given second the things you love in life may be stripped from you without any notice, and you have to be prepared to be able to face these challenges head on and net let them determine your quality of life.  Having this restorative trait I am able to understand the challenges that may lay ahead of me.  In the work place if I am able to be better equipped for different types of challenges I may face, it will give me an initial head start over those competing for the same spot that may not be able to overcome these challenges as well.


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