Finding My Strengths

 by Chaise Perez

In organizational communication, com 305, we took a strength finer analysis test to see what our top five strengths are.  My top five strengths according to the Strengthsfinder 2.0 survey are relator, include, discipline, positivity, and focus. I definitely agree with all of these strengths. I was actually semi-surprised when focus was one of my top five. I am not entirely sure if I would have picked that one for myself. Strengthsfinder is beneficial to understanding my unique leadership style in many ways. In one way, I now know what roles I can take on in a group project or environment. In another way, I know that I can understand why I am usually in charge or the leader of groups. Lastly, I now know how why work ethic is the way it is. I always just believed it was just how I did things, instead it is actually because I have good discipline. Each and every strength are in correlation with each other but are able to work separately.


The first strength that the analysis gave me is relator. It says that being a relator means I enjoy working closely with others, especially to achieve a common goal. It also states that I am at best when I am a part of a closer group of friends I know and can trust. I can easily find a workplace in which working together or having close relationship are involved. I usually learn as much as you can about the people that I come into contact with or make a special connection with. I like getting to know people to get a better understanding of how I am able to work with them or get them to work. So that way, I could be open to people for trusting relationships.

A possible weakness for being a relator is clashing with other leaders or relators. I know I enjoy taking charge and helping everyone get involved, but I truly feel like maybe I would bump heads with anyone who is like me. A personal example of how I normally portray this quality is when I am at camp. I am a camp counselor so this is definitely a trait that is much needed. In order to make the campers feel more comfortable, we need to be able to relate to them in any way you can to get them to be active. Relating to them makes them relax and open up to you. It is easier to form a trust in you and create a relationship that will allow them to respect you in a good way.


The second strength that I had received from the analysis is includer. This means that I can easily accept others, especially entering my friend group. The analysis said that I enjoy acknowledging the other people around me to show them I care, and I will make an effort to include them in whatever is going on. I continuously look for opportunities to work and interact with people. My favorite thing to do is to make everyone feel important and wanted. I enjoy bringing people of diverse cultures together to see how they can relate and interact with each other. I love helping new people in a group get to know the others.

pic-for-finderBeing a camp counselor definitely relates to this trait as well. It is truly heart breaking seeing a camper sit by themselves or not participate with the other campers. One of the biggest parts of being a counselor is definitely including the campers in conversations, activities, games, and pretty much anything we do. Being a camper counselor is a perfect example of how I have demonstrated being an includer.


The third strength that the analysis had given me was discipline. With discipline, I am very successful when in an organized and orderly atmosphere. According to strength finder, I really enjoy routine and structure. I love to help others organize and add order to their lives.

The perfect example of how I portray this strength is when I clean my friends’ rooms, apartments, desks, anything. I enjoy cleaning greatly and I love having order in my life. They really do not expect to it happen, but I like to surprise them with coming home to a clean room and they love it.


The fourth strength that I had received from the analysis is positivity. The survey said that, “People with the positivity theme have contagious enthusiasm. They are upbeat and can get others excited about what they are going to do.” I tend to be energetic and outgoing. Usually more than most people. When others become discouraged, my attitude will inspire them to keep going. I purposely try to help others see the positive things in life. I am very encouraging to help people to keep their eyes on the good things in life.

Once again, being a camp counselor goes hand-in-hand with this strength. If a camper is disinterested or shy, being positive is the best way to get them involved. Everyone, usually, loves a positive person. It is very easy to get interested if other people around you are interested.


The fifth strength that the analysis had given me was focus. This mean that I usually prioritize before I take any action of any sort. A possible weakness for this strength is that it might take me too long to do something. Something’s might require a more quick action rather than a thought out plan. A personal time I used this strength while working with others was when I was in high school. I was paired into a group for a project that we had only a week to work on. In this situation, I spent the night that we got the assignment organizing everybody and what they would be doing for the project. I came to school the next day and everyone was super thankful for it.

I believe my strengths all go hand-in-hand with each other. I can relate with people who are having issues, I can get my group excited even if we are having problems, going along with that I can remain positive and maintain a positive atmosphere if we are having problems, and lastly I can keep people on task with my focus skills / abilities. Any type of organization that are looking for leaders and positive people would benefit from my skills.



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