Project Aristotle Studying Googles Highly Effective Teams

By: Allyson E. Knapp


As people are always on the computer using the database of Google most of the time where this is a huge database sight that millions work on and use. As a college student, our email is set up through what is called g-mail. Also anytime I am searching something I’m constantly using Google as the search data base to help me research what I am looking up. Being a team member of Google is a process and something that is a process to figure out I am sure. Reading the articles that were given to us and analyzing how teams work within Google and how they have built them. Given was a few steps that were followed to guide you to succeeding in working on a team through Google.

Project Aristotle at Google is explanations and definitions of what and how a team should work and go about situations and projects. The purpose of all of this was to give information out on how teams and people should work together in a group setting. The name of Julia Rozovsky was a twenty-five year old just trying to figure out what she wanted to do in this world. She wanted to be social and have a job within a field that you were super social with. As she was excepted into the business school at Yale university where she was assigned to work within a group to study with. This caused much anxiety for her and was something that she had to fight about when discussing within her group when giving her opinion (Duhigg, 2016). This being an example of what the study is all about and her playing a big role in all the data found on it.

The study of Project Aristotle looking at many different team strategies and how teams worked together. Taking a total of 180 different teams and breaking information up by skills and how individuals worked together. This study was looked at for five years at least and finally the research was released (Alexander, 2015). These researchers studying these teams intensively noticing two types of behaviors(Duhigg, 2016). They broke them down into Team A and Team B. Team A being being the smarter people but when discussing things but no feeling and things sometimes unsaid were these types of people. On the other hand Team B being people speaking out, getting off topic sometimes and disagreeing about certain topics being discussed. There more into the conversation because they connect to it with personal stories.

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Reference for Photo:


Many of the results coming out of this study were in some ways very effective for the team members. When trying to optimize everything it is sometimes hard to do when success is often build on experience (Duhigg, 2016). Describing the two groups previously that they so believe  are what they found from all there information gathered these relate back to the two groups we talked about in class through our discussion. Two groups that we discussed were contrived and emergent groups. Team A is just like contrived group which is a deliberately and artificially constructed while Team B is like the Emergent Group which is a group that forms naturally through shared interest and or experience.

Working with a team is something that people deal with on a daily. Whether it be a team within a sports, a team within your job setting, or team within a class and having to work together on a group project, there is a time in your everyday life that you have to work with another individual. Experiencing wo

rking with others in multiple settings but with sports being such a big part of my life and being on different sports teams growing up. Giving an example of having to work on a team with others by growing up playing volleyball, basketball and softball through my childhood, middle school and then in high school. Basketball being the only sport I played while in high school both my freshman year and sophomore year and its a game I have been around all my life and a sport where I feel you have to be a team player and work together in order to do well on this team. I know when you grow up with individuals and play with them for years you create a bond where you play such well together. This is just one of the examples I have been able to work on a team.




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