Aspects of Netflix’s Culture

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By: Allyson E. Knapp


Netflix becoming more and more popular now as it is an entertainment company streaming TV shows, videos, and or DVD’s on either a smart TV, PC, Mac, Computer and more. As a college student when you have down  time and want to maybe just take a break from your stressful college studies, I am always a person who is always down to turn on a little Netflix on my computer, curl up in a blanket and watch some of my favorite shows and sometimes even movies. The serious that I’m kind of obsessed with and continue to watch over and over again is One Tree Hill. This being one of many series/movies that I do enjoy watching with my Netflix account.

Netflix is a company in which it has strived and has done so well in the stocks within the past years. Due to its excellence its all because of the different aspects of culture that they put there main focus on . These being Value, High Performance, Freedom and Responsibility, Context Not Control, High Aligned Loosely Coupled, Pay Top of Market, and Promotions & Development.

Value being the first aspects of Netflix and something that  they strive for there employers to give and show each and everyday. Value meaning someone’s standards of behavior yet what is important to them. In about anything I do I have to have some part of value in what I am potentially doing. Growing up I have always had high standards for myself and for other people as well to be met because I am the type of person where I will have the best of the best in any situation. I value all the good things that take part in my life and strive to be the best at what my potential can is will be. Netflix wanting the best of the best and wanting workers with hard work ethic and who have a purpose of what they are doing within the job setting.

Next is high Performance. I believe in anything that you do, you give it nothing less than 110%. For me I’m always working at my  highest potential and never backing down. Working with such a big company like Netflix, there wouldn’t be any other way that to have high performance in the workplace.

The third aspect on Culture that was brought up was Freedom and Responsibility. I believe that in order to succeed and do well in something you have to put forth the responsibility and show your bosses, and the people you work with that you can be held responsible for anything that is given to you. In any new beginning normally the person that your working for normally doesn’t know how you act or how you work or do things so you have to show them and give them a great first impression and show them what your truly made of. With freedom, we are lucky enough to have the rights that we have in this country.

Next came Context not Control. As it states in one of the articles I found online, ” an essential part of my role is to seek out and recruit exactly the right people to raise our overall effectiveness and challenge us to become even better” (Urban, 2015). As the recruiter to get the best of the best to work for the team of Netflix is key and something that they take seriously. They don’t just take someone who has poor work experience and or are lazy, they take people who give there best work at all times.

High Aligned Loosely Coupled is the fifth aspect. As people work together in teams and or pairs they are sure that the goal and ending goals are clear and clearly understood. In any situation I feel as if you can always feel the need if needed to ask about certain tasks that are given to you and so they are not done poorly. Loosely coupled pairs take part in meetings to go over goals and achievements that need to be met. The leaders also taking charge and explaining tactics to increase the alignment of tasks.

The sixth aspect is pay top of market. This concept is to keep each employer at the top of the market and in good standings. Obviously with different markets there are all sorts of different areas that are being worked on. Lastly the last aspect of Netflix Culture is promotion and development. While doing well at your job and the tasks that are given to you, you may be able to be moved up within your job as what is called a promotion. By developing the skills and knowledge they surround all there working staff with colleagues who allow each other to try new challenges and work on all that needs worked on.

All seven of these culture aspects are all experiences that are somehow related to every job that you take on. I personally have experienced all seven in some type of way working with either others, myself or the numerous jobs I have had. High Performance probably being my top pick and one that I take most pride in all that I do. Working hard is something I strive on doing in anything that I do. I want to the absolute best and make sure everyone can see that at all times. Netflix being such a successful organization and one who I could bring more effective working skills to their company.


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