What is the Culture like over at Netflix?

By: Chaise Perez


                The intention of this case study is to show behind-the-scenes work of the company Netflix. I will talking about the culture of the workplace of Netflix. Patty McCord (one of Netflix’s co-founder) decided to write down the things the company valued, what mattered to them, what they expected in their people. They showed their workers examples of what values they had and what it looks like to be right and wrong in acting out the value. “There’s no vacation policy, a nonexistent travel policy, and no annual employee reviews. The culture is meant to only attract ‘fully formed adults,’” McCord said.

Netflix Culture

        The Netflix Co-Founders, Patty McCord and Reed Hastings, created seven main aspects in their culture. They all include: values are what we value, high performance, freedom and responsibility, context, no control, highly aligned and loosely coupled, pay top market and promotions and development.

Some of the values they value are loyalty and “brilliant jerks”. They care so much about high performance because in procedural work, the best is two times greater than the average. Freedom and responsibility also have a high importance level because those people are self-efficient, self-disciplined, self-aware and self-improving, and those are great qualities to have in workers. Context and no control is a value because higher status employees embrace the works and opinions they receive and avoid showing their power and status. Being highly aligned and loosely coupled depends on high performance good and context. Pay top of market is core for the culture of high performance. Finally promotions have three necessary conditions, including, the job being big enough, the person has to be a superstar in their current position, and the person has to be an  extraordinary role model of their values and behaviors. Development happens because Netflix gives their employees many opportunities to develop themselves, by giving them challenges and surrounding them while colleagues who will push them to work harder and succeed.

In ordered to be hired or work for Netflix you also have to have these nine behaviors and skills. The nine behaviors or skills include the following: judgement, communication, impact, curiosity, innovation, courage, passion, honesty, and selflessness.


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For judgement, they search for the following: making wise decisions despite ambiguity, identifying root causes and get beyond treating symptoms, thinking strategically and can articulate what you are and are not trying to do, and if you can smartly separate what must be done well now, and what can be improved later. For communication, they will look for: listening well instead of acting fast so you can understand better, being concise and articulate in speech and writing, treating people with respect independent of their status or disagreement, and whether or not you can remain a calm poise in stressful situations.  While looking at the impact you can make for Netflix, they look for certain things. They look for accomplishing amazing amounts of important work, demonstrating consistently strong performances so colleagues can rely on you, focusing on great results rather than on process, and exhibiting bias-to-action and avoid analysis-paralysis.

For curiosity, the search for: learning rapidly and eagerly, seeking to understand our strategy, market, customers and suppliers, if you are broadly knowledgeable about business, technology and entertainment, and contributing effectively outside of your specialty.  For innovation, they will look to see if you can re-conceptualize issues to discover practical solutions to hard problems, challenge prevailing assumptions when warranted, and suggest better approaches, create new ideas that prove to be useful, and if you keep them nimble by minimizing complexity and finding time to simplify. While looking for any type of courage in you, they look for certain things. This includes: if you say what you think even if it is controversial, if you make tough decisions with agonizing, if you take smart risks and if you question actions inconsistent with our values.

For passion they look to see if you inspire with your thirst for excellence, you care intensely about Netflix’s success, you celebrate wins, and if you are tenacious. For honesty, the will search to see if you are known for candor and directness, you are non-political when you disagree with others, you say things about fellow employees that you will say to their face and if you are quick to admit mistakes. Lastly, while looking for selflessness, they will look to see if you seek what is best for Netflix, rather than what is best for you or your group, you are ego-less when searching for the best ideas, you make time to help your colleagues, and if you share information openly and and proactively.

Critical Analysis

       I believe Netflix would a fantastic organization to work for. Yes, I believe they are really picky about who they hire and how they hire, but it is what makes the organization works. I really respect the fact they value what kind of people the hire. In the organizations I worked for, all they did was look at my resume and ask me why I would like to work with them. I felt like it was not personal at all, and Netflix is definitely the opposite of that.I never really experience any of the main seven aspects of their organization while working for someone else. I feel like I would be a less effective worker because of the fact I do not share half of their same values and necessarily agree with some of the things they work for in the people they hire.



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