USAA’s Organizaional Culture


By: Ally Knapp

The USAA standing for the United Services Automobile Association a organization for insurance and financial services company that serves the members of the U.S. military families. The USAA’s reps and workers assist with families that are challenged by the war and family member’s who are overseas. Working with and for a company that trains only the  best of the best and understanding all the needs that there costumers have is what USAA does with their employers.

Not only does USAA’s reps and workers have to meet qualifications there are also high standards that have to be met. As key words that are within there mission the words service, loyalty, honesty. As they state in there mission statement “We do this by upholding the highest standards and ensuring that our corporate business activities and individual employee conduct reflect good judgment and common sense, and are consistent with our core values of Service, Loyalty, Honesty and Integrity (2016). ” Working at there highest potential is what this company strives to do.

USSA Standards aligning with the Perspectives of Ethical Decisions, something we discussed in class. This being different methods that companies do to make there company likable and or known for. Foundational Perspective being one of them which is an organization that has explicit code of ethics that are met. This beings something that USAA does. They train only the best and want the best to work for there company and if they do not meet there standards, they don’t except you or want you on there team of excellence. Another ethic that has and is being used within the company is the Situational Perspective which is the ethical decision that should be made by the unique qualities of the situation and empowers employees to make decisions in the moment. This being something that any worker will face. You don’t know what the day or the customers are going to bring to you. So you have to just do the best you possibly can and make irrational decisions on the fly while working. As it was stated in “[We have] a dedication to keeping the decision making at the lowest level of the company,” says Travers of USAA’s approach to answering customer calls. Employees aren’t scripted, and the calls aren’t timed. “There’s a very real recognition at USAA that the company is the relationship that our frontline employees have with our members,” he says (McGregor, 2015).This being a great example of this technique. Understanding your customers needs and concerns is what the USAA strives to do. Wanting to make there experience as beneficial as possible for there customers. Joining the team of USAA, they have what is called a “boot camp” where it introduces its employees to all there challenges and what they faced with there potential military customers.

Standards and expectations are things that have to be met within any company and organization. Four ethical standards if I had my own company and wanted individuals to follow would be respect, hard work ethic, drive, and good communication. These being 4 that I take into my work place and try and do my absolute best at them each and every day. First having the respect for one yourself and two the people you are working with and for is what you should be doing in any environment. You should show them the respect they should be receiving by yourself to be treated the way that you deserve. Obviously going into any new job they don’t know you and how you work. Your first impression is everything. Next is your work ethic and what your going to bring forth to the table. Worth ethic being something that I do my absolute best at day in and day out because that’s always been my mentality and how I have been raised to work. Thirdly drive being the next. You have to have some type of push and drive to do what your doing within the company you are working for. Lastly good communication is the last. Communication is key in any setting. You have to be able to not only talk to your customers but more importantly your boss and the people you work with.

Training these new employees that would be coming into my company and working for me under these expectations that I would hold them accountable for would be a fun time and something I would make fun. I am a person where I like to have fun and I am going to make the work force and where your at working as much fun as possible until you give me a reason not to have fun with you anymore. Obviously working on things that need to be worked on and assist those who do not follow the expectations that are given. As an employer I would hope to not only show these four standards I have in my work place but also see how truly hard I work for what I want and believe in.


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