By: Natalie M. Antonio

An insurance company called USAA, insures and provides members of the United States military with various financial services. USAA makes it their mission to offer men, women as well as their families with reliable medical and financial care. This company offers different seminars for their employees to attend just so they can get a glimpse into what the brave men and women do to protect our country.

USAA deals with a high number of claims each year, because of this they need to hold themselves to a higher standard. This is to ensure that their clients receive the best care possible. On the USAA website they list six standards that they hold themselves accountable for. The first standard on the list was to keep their membership and mission first. This is to ensure that every employee never stops learning, to prioritize, and to protect the enterprise performance. The second standard was to live within their core values, which include, service, loyalty, honesty and integrity. USAA, wants their employees to hold themselves accountable, embrace their own core values, and maintain status as a positive representative for USAA. The third standard on the list was to be authentic and build trust. USAA expects the employees to keep commitments, while being honest and consistent in their actions. The fourth standard included setting the standard to create conditions for people to succeed. Team members are encouraged to be a part of the supportive team environment. The team members are encouraged to contribute knowledge to others on the team, while empowering others to do the same things. The fifth standard included diverse perspectives for superior results, relevant perspectives, and discipline. The company wanted to test new ideas for the betterment of knowledge as well as progress. The final standard was to innovate and work toward building a future. USAA makes it as easy as possible for co-workers and members to do business. Change is a good thing within companies like USAA because they encourage it within themselves.

When it comes to taking a more relationship based perspective, USAA takes more of an ethical decision making approach. USAA achieves this with open and honest communion with the public. USAA members can go through a boot camp for ten weeks, this stimulates the challenges that our U.S soldiers go through everyday. The employees are given commands, made to wear heavy gear, and given meals that they expect soldiers to eat. USAA makes it a priority for their team members to understand how and where their clients are coming from and how they act in the military.

If I had to design a code of ethics for USAA, I would ensure that new employees had the proper training. It is heartwarming to know that USAA has programs such as their boot camps to make their employees sympathize with their very specific clientele. I would possibly go a little further in their company ethics code. It is important for employees to relate to their clients on a very personal level. By going through the boot camp, as well as being held accountable to certain standards is the duty of every employee. The employees are able to determine what is expectable behavior By creating a code of ethics this allows every employee to have a handle on their own behavior in the workplace. The ethical perspectives mentioned above are very critical for a successful company, it allows a relationship between the representative and the family members. The families appreciate it when a company goes the extra yard for them, and USAA has done a fantastic job at revealing that.

When an employee is comfortable in the workplace the productivity goes up. I would want my employees to feel the same way in a business. When holding each other to a certain higher standard while being accountable, I believe that the employees have a level of respect for each other. This is because they are being held to the same standards, which means they are more likely to take risks because of the accountability. If the employees want to succeed they need to have the dedication to complete the task they were given, this is to create a good team atmosphere. I believe that USAA does a very good job at supporting their standards. USAA does support the military and their family members. In the future I believe that USAA will continue supporting the military and their families, with the brand that they have created. The brand of USAA has allowed the company to maintain a good business and a good rapport with their clients.


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