The USAA Standard

By: Morgan Bittengle

USAA is an insurance and financial services company that serves members of the U.S. military and their families. They make it their duty to provide these men, women and their families with the most beneficial and helpful services financially. They go as far as holding “bootcamps” for employees to just get a slight glance of what these men and women do for our country each and every day.


USAA holds themselves to a certain standard to best benefit their clients and their company. There are six particular standards they mention. The first is to keep their membership and mission first. So, with this they want every employee to never stop learning, prioritize, and to protect enterprise performance. Another standard is to live their core values, which are: service, loyalty, honesty and integrity. They want their employees to hold themselves accountable for things, embrace their core values and be a positive representative for USAA internally and externally. The third standard is to be authentic and build trust. They expect the employees to keep commitments they make, be honest in what they are saying and to be consistent in their actions. Another standard is to create conditions for people to succeed. USAA team members are encouraged to contribute to a supportive team environment. They are also encouraged to share knowledge to others across the team, empowering them to solve problems. Purposefully include diverse perspectives for superior results is another standard they have. They want their teams to include relevant perspectives and discipline. They also want to test new ideas to further knowledge and progress within the company. Their sixth and final standard is to innovate and build for the future. USAA wants to make it as easy as possible for co-workers and members to do business, so they easier the better. They also support bold ideas. Change is good with companies like USAA so they encourage it out of each other.

USAA takes a more relationship-based perspective when it comes to ethical decision making. They achieve this through open and honest communication with the public. It’s transparent. USAA members go through essentially what is a boot camp for ten weeks. In this challenges are simulated that military personal would endure in an average day. Trainees are given stern commands, heavy gear to wear, and even military standard meals to eat. This is all supposed to install a sense of solidarity and empathy with USAA’s customers. USAA wants all of their team members to understand where their customers are coming from, especially with their unique military background.

USAA goes above and beyond for their customers when it comes to raising money. They hold fundraisers and events that attract many people. They also donate their own money to military causes as well to show support. USAA says that by learning and understanding a customers culture it can help greatly the company. The training bootcamp that USAA holds for new employees is one of their best ways to show these new employees just a little of what goes on in their customers lives.

If I were designing a code of ethics for USAA, I would make sure that each and eery new employee had proper training. I love that they do the bootcamp but I would take it a little further and make sure that respect, drive, communicate  and dedication  were all apart of the standards and codes that each and every employee. It is so important for employees to not only see where their customers are coming from but to also relate them on a personal level. By going through the bootcamp and being held to certain standards, they are obligated to be a good employee. Being able to determine what is acceptable behavior in the workplace and whats not is very important, so by creating a code of ethics it enables every employee to not have to question their actions and or attitudes. Ethical perspectives mentioned above are crucial for a successful company because it shows the relationship between customer and employee but also shows that they want to help more than just what is necessary. Customers appreciate and want to see when companies go the extra mile for them. USAA is clearly a company that does that and I think that is a result of their ethical codes and standards.

Being comfortable in the workplace is very important and I feel that I would want my employees/co-workers to feel the same way. Holding each other accountable is something that I feel would be very important for the company and make for a successful team environment. When employees want to succeed and have the dedication to stick with a customer or certain topic, it shows a lot about the employee and the company which is an attractive trait to have. USAA does a really good job at supporting those who are/ were in the military and their families. Having such a good record with others will help them continue to have success and bring in business.


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