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Growing up I always had leadership characteristics, but I would tend to be shy a lot. Being a leader is not an easy commitment or task. Since a young age I’ve been playing sports, and I have always been the team captain. At a small age my mother installed leadership principles in me. My mother made it very clear that she is not raising no followers. Strengths finder has been a vital key component for me as I start my senior year. Strengths finder has been essential to me because outside of all the organizations I am involved in, strengths finder reminded me how good of a leader I am, and why it is important.  This personal analysis helped me identify five of my top strengths.

After taking the assessment strengths finder identified my five strengths. My five strengths are achiever, input, learner, competition, deliberative. These five strengths are accurate when you think of me as a leader. I am truly grateful for taking the strengths finder because it has allowed me to identify my strengths, and how I can apply it to the organizations I am involved in. Not only has it allowed me to identify my strengths, but also I’ve notice some things I can improve in. Being a leader during your young adulthood years are challenging because you deal with your peers ego’s, and also people’s negative criticism.

My first strength that was identified is achiever. As previously mentioned I have been playing sports since I was four. Always achieving, and doing my best has been a part of me since the beginning.  So, I have always had a sense of being a top achiever, but it really start having a meaning behind it for me when I start attending Ashland University. When I first arrived at Ashland University I faced a lot of obstacles. One of the obstacles I faced was I had a hard time interacting with others. It was a big culture shock for me. I was having hard time enjoying myself, and it was effecting my school work, and also my behavior. I was not achieving what I was capable of. Soon enough I immediately figured it out. Doing great things has always been within me. There was something that needed to be done for the young African American males that attended Ashland University. With that being said I created Brothers In Action to help create opportunity for the males here. The opportunity I wanted to create was a group to socialize together without it being difficult no matter what ethnicity you are. Another opportunity I wanted to create was brotherhood, and that would be so firm no one can deny it. I wanted to give males the opportunity to figure out what do they desire within the field they are studying. I wanted to make it clear to the members involved that we always want to achieve whatever we imagine. I achieved my goal by allowing this organization to form and impact so many people.

Motivating your peers can be more helpful for them than a lot of people realize. My second strength that was noticed was input. Giving out input can be good, and bad in some cases. My weakness would be sometimes I have tendencies to drift away to be low key, and nonverbal. That is something that I am working on every day, but when I do give out input it is essential for my peers. Majority of my peers approach me to give them input about certain situations, and I answer with a honest answer. I have no problem giving out input, I actually love giving out wisdom to others so they can benefit from it.  The best feeling is seeing someone take your input, and it works for them. Helping others to put them in a better situation than they were prior is an awesome thing to do. Selfish thinking, as well as selfish actions are never going to help you move forward as a person.

Learning is something that you want carry with you every day. Your mind should be open every day to learn something new. After taking the strengths finder, the third strength it identified was learner. I am open to learn new things about anything. One of my weakness was in the past I would not be open to learn about new things. Very quickly I learned that I need to change my ways. Shortly after I changed my ways, and ow I try to be a sponge to new information. As a sponge any new information I try to soak it all up, and understand the information. To be willing to learn in my opinion it comes with maturity. The more mature you are, and you understand how important learning new things are it can be beneficial for you.

Being the best at everything I was involved in that was my primary goal. I wanted to win in everything that competition was involved in. I learned the severity of being a competitor when I started playing youth football. My weakness was I was a sore loser, and sometimes I still am. Some will say it is a weakness, and some will say it’s a strength to not accept losing. When I shifted my focus into school, and organizations I still kept my strength as a competitor, I just implemented it into my studies. I love to compete, because I love to win. I compete with other organizations. Being competitive allows you to do your best, and not accept losing at all.

Last but not least my last strength was deliberate. I am very deliberate. Everything I do is for a reason. At this age I am at a point I am mature, and I understand what is at stake. Being deliberate can also be a good thing, but some will say it may be harsh for some. Deliberate is a good characteristic because it allows you to be straight forward. As previously stated I love giving people advice, so I have to deliberate.

After stating my top five strengths it gives me an idea of what type of leader I am. My top five strengths may work together because there are going to be sequences when I have to provide all of my strengths. I have got a chance to witness these characteristics to come into play. These characteristics were very effective in using. Leading is not easy it takes a lot of sacrifice, and you have to be understanding.

With Brothers In Action my leadership style is going to be effective. After taking this survey it has been essential, and I am going to suggest it to my members so they can find out what type of leader they are. Leaders lead by example not just what they say. My goal is have everyone that is involved in Brothers In Action to be key assets to Ashland University in the up most positively way.


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