The purpose of this case study is to study and research of a company. This case study will allow us to discover the company’s culture, reputation, how the employees handle ethical and unethical decisions. Ultimately these are vital things to research in a company. Also while doing research on this company we will dissect how USAA employees handle ethical, and unethical decision making. Decision making within the employees are essential because sometimes it can destroy a company’s reputation, and the amount of money lost after. While doing research on USAA it was clear that they provide an unique employee training session to help their decision making within the company.

USAA is a fortune five hundred company that has established an firm reputation since the company was founded. USAA is abbreviated for United services Automobile Association. Originally when the company was founded it was called the United States Army Automobile Association. It wasn’t until 1924 when the name was changed to United Service Automobile Association when commissioned officers from other military became eligible for membership.  At this time this was a quality innovation change for the company. This allowed the USAA to expand vastly. Quickly shortly USAA opened up offices in Germany, London, and England.  The company was formed off a meeting of twenty five Army officers to discuss a strong and reliable economical and auto insurance.

As stated you can see why USAA is highly recommended, and why it is arguably one the best all-around company’s. There are many reasons we can justify to state why USAA is so great. One of the main components that were appropriate to take into consideration is their organizational culture.  The culture requires some specific qualities that are abide by the USAA standard. It’s an equal opportunity and affirmative, it allows an employer to give consideration on applicants, no matter the race, color, nationality, religion, or sex. This brings a dynamic piece to the company because their staff is diversified. USAA align with the standard with the perspective of an ethical decision because the bond and relationship the employees of USAA have is remarkable. They enter training together, and they change people’s lives as well. An employee of USAA making an ethical decision would take a lot of time of pondering because the reputation of the company is very vital relationship as whole company.  Majority of USAA employees have some sort of army personnel previous. The employees face an intense unique training process. During this process the employees learn the perspective of the customers they serve. The training is essentially a boot camp in other words. While undergoing the training they are given strict orders, and heavy gear to wear. This training is vital because it allows the employees to get a sense of how important their job is. With this type of training it will be very difficult to make an ethical decision.

The training of the employees are serious, and the four ethical decision making plays a significant role in the process. One of the standard reasoning for this process is the boot camp. The training allow the future employees to understand the importance of what their job requires. I would require a training method similar because it prepares the employees in the best way possible. These training methods will allow the employees to make a better decision if the run into a situation where they have to make an ethical decision.  

Company’s need to take USAA employee training into consideration. USAA displayed why their employees have a great relationship and why they stick together. It is a good preparation because it prepares the employees in the best way possible to act accordingly when they face an ethical or unethical situation. USAA have displayed tremendous relationship between the employees and the company.

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Today as a country we have move forward together in the industrial, manufacturing, and industry. Job opportunities for citizens are at an alarming rate, and we are moving forward as a country. Some of the most successful corporations that we see everywhere have a strict employee policy. This allows the corporation to have a sense of control of their employees.  Employees have to follow a server protocol in order to keep their job. They have access to confidential information, and even if the ethical decision is right, due to that protocol you cannot say anything. This theory is referred to as Whistle blowing. Many people have their different opinions about whistle blowing, but most will refer it to as back stabber or trader.

Whistleblowing occurs when an employee exposes a wrongdoing about their company. It has many negative effects, but sometimes it is the moral thing to do. I personally feel that whistle blowing is the right thing to do. I believe that if something is going to endanger the general public, then there is only one option. Whistle blowing is becoming more and more common these days, but in most cases, it has devastating effects. Several of these people had to find new jobs, relocate, or settle for less money in their new job. It can be very scandalous, often involving law- suits, but in some cases the whistle blower is looked at as hero, and sometimes earns money.
The main issue is if it is moral. Many people argue that you have obligations of loyalty to your colleagues and company. Some company’s may feel that it is family oriented, and they stick together. Corporations today are run with the expectations that they will function in ways that are compatible with the public interest. But in some cases, their main concern is maximizing their profits and earning money. This plays a huge role because some corporations forget where they started and let the money motivate them negatively. This is when it can become disreputable.

Many companies deal with whistle blowing. Bank of America is one of those companies. Bank of America is an American multinational banking and financial services corporation. Bank of American is the second largest banking company in America. The headquarters are based in North Carolina and then the other buildings are base throughout the United States. The most important thing to Bank of America is their people. They set up benefit programs that are there to meet the diverse needs of the employees. These benefits help create a plan for the employees lives and their futures. The company prioritizes their employees, which causes the employees to work well to get the job done. The employees at Bank of America are given insurance, vacation time, sick days and many other benefits. The employees strive to create a welcoming environment at the bank. The world’s largest wealth management corporation is Bank of America. Though this company is a large leader in banks and management, they face a lot of issues and lawsuits. The issues that they face is whistleblowing.

When you talk about whistle blowing in a company you talk about going against the ethical standards in which the company has set for its employees. An example of Bank of America and whistleblowing is around 2008. There was a man who used to work for Countrywide until it was acquired by Bank of America. This man became a whistle blower against Bank of America. He started to expose the company’s secrets. The way in which the company dealt with that was with a lawsuit and a payout. Bank of America had to pay over 1 billion dollar as a penalty due to the information that the whistleblower exposed. The whistleblower was supposed to receive part of the money but since Bank of America was trying to overturn the ruling and say that what was said was not true, the money in which the whistleblower was supposed to receive is being withheld. The companies that have to deal with whistleblowers and the information that they expose try to just buy the words of the whistleblower. They try to fight the issues in court and just buy the silence. If the court trials do not end well then the companies just end up having to pay the price. The price for their actions often varies depending on the situation. Bank of America has dealt with multiple different whistleblowing situations. They have had to pay multiple lawsuits, and have had to pay different people to keep quite.

When dealing with whistleblowers many companies chose to fight back the information that was spread. In 2013 the company Bank of America fought back when the former employees accused them of encouraging homeowners into foreclosure instead of being a part of the government’s mortgage-relief program. This issue was taken to court and discussed to a lengthy amount. The company was fighting the whistleblowers to show that what they were exposed for did not really happen. They ended up settling an agreement to pay around $12 billion dollars as a settlement and to clean up their act. The way in which this court cases ended up is how most of the cases against whistleblowers end up. When companies fight against whistleblowers it is not so much if they will get off scotch free but how much money they are going to have to pay for as settlement. The problem with the whistleblowers is they expose the situation of the companies. Even though the companies pay off the settlement it does not take away the issues that were at hand. Once the secrets come out at the trials the people that go the bank or even work at the bank may start to leave. The settlement is just one of the ways that a company can deal with the whistleblowers and all that they have exposed about the company. It is through court trials or through lawyers that the companies solve the problems that they have with whistleblowers.

Through this study I have discovered new things about whistleblowing. I have learned how serious this can be, and also how the outcome isn’t always good for both sides. In this case bank of America had to learn the hard way about legal aspects ad doing the right thing.  It shows that sometimes owners start owing up to a little bit of greed and it turns out as a negative effect.

At the end of this study I have learned that you have to be cautious of what type of job you want. Some jobs come with holding confidential information no matter If it is right or wrong. In this case bank of America had to learn the hard way and pay the consequence of their wrong doing actions.  I am pleased to see the company continue to move forward and find ways to put this situation in the past. This study I learned the severity of whistleblowing.




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Growing up I always had leadership characteristics, but I would tend to be shy a lot. Being a leader is not an easy commitment or task. Since a young age I’ve been playing sports, and I have always been the team captain. At a small age my mother installed leadership principles in me. My mother made it very clear that she is not raising no followers. Strengths finder has been a vital key component for me as I start my senior year. Strengths finder has been essential to me because outside of all the organizations I am involved in, strengths finder reminded me how good of a leader I am, and why it is important.  This personal analysis helped me identify five of my top strengths.

After taking the assessment strengths finder identified my five strengths. My five strengths are achiever, input, learner, competition, deliberative. These five strengths are accurate when you think of me as a leader. I am truly grateful for taking the strengths finder because it has allowed me to identify my strengths, and how I can apply it to the organizations I am involved in. Not only has it allowed me to identify my strengths, but also I’ve notice some things I can improve in. Being a leader during your young adulthood years are challenging because you deal with your peers ego’s, and also people’s negative criticism.

My first strength that was identified is achiever. As previously mentioned I have been playing sports since I was four. Always achieving, and doing my best has been a part of me since the beginning.  So, I have always had a sense of being a top achiever, but it really start having a meaning behind it for me when I start attending Ashland University. When I first arrived at Ashland University I faced a lot of obstacles. One of the obstacles I faced was I had a hard time interacting with others. It was a big culture shock for me. I was having hard time enjoying myself, and it was effecting my school work, and also my behavior. I was not achieving what I was capable of. Soon enough I immediately figured it out. Doing great things has always been within me. There was something that needed to be done for the young African American males that attended Ashland University. With that being said I created Brothers In Action to help create opportunity for the males here. The opportunity I wanted to create was a group to socialize together without it being difficult no matter what ethnicity you are. Another opportunity I wanted to create was brotherhood, and that would be so firm no one can deny it. I wanted to give males the opportunity to figure out what do they desire within the field they are studying. I wanted to make it clear to the members involved that we always want to achieve whatever we imagine. I achieved my goal by allowing this organization to form and impact so many people.

Motivating your peers can be more helpful for them than a lot of people realize. My second strength that was noticed was input. Giving out input can be good, and bad in some cases. My weakness would be sometimes I have tendencies to drift away to be low key, and nonverbal. That is something that I am working on every day, but when I do give out input it is essential for my peers. Majority of my peers approach me to give them input about certain situations, and I answer with a honest answer. I have no problem giving out input, I actually love giving out wisdom to others so they can benefit from it.  The best feeling is seeing someone take your input, and it works for them. Helping others to put them in a better situation than they were prior is an awesome thing to do. Selfish thinking, as well as selfish actions are never going to help you move forward as a person.

Learning is something that you want carry with you every day. Your mind should be open every day to learn something new. After taking the strengths finder, the third strength it identified was learner. I am open to learn new things about anything. One of my weakness was in the past I would not be open to learn about new things. Very quickly I learned that I need to change my ways. Shortly after I changed my ways, and ow I try to be a sponge to new information. As a sponge any new information I try to soak it all up, and understand the information. To be willing to learn in my opinion it comes with maturity. The more mature you are, and you understand how important learning new things are it can be beneficial for you.

Being the best at everything I was involved in that was my primary goal. I wanted to win in everything that competition was involved in. I learned the severity of being a competitor when I started playing youth football. My weakness was I was a sore loser, and sometimes I still am. Some will say it is a weakness, and some will say it’s a strength to not accept losing. When I shifted my focus into school, and organizations I still kept my strength as a competitor, I just implemented it into my studies. I love to compete, because I love to win. I compete with other organizations. Being competitive allows you to do your best, and not accept losing at all.

Last but not least my last strength was deliberate. I am very deliberate. Everything I do is for a reason. At this age I am at a point I am mature, and I understand what is at stake. Being deliberate can also be a good thing, but some will say it may be harsh for some. Deliberate is a good characteristic because it allows you to be straight forward. As previously stated I love giving people advice, so I have to deliberate.

After stating my top five strengths it gives me an idea of what type of leader I am. My top five strengths may work together because there are going to be sequences when I have to provide all of my strengths. I have got a chance to witness these characteristics to come into play. These characteristics were very effective in using. Leading is not easy it takes a lot of sacrifice, and you have to be understanding.

With Brothers In Action my leadership style is going to be effective. After taking this survey it has been essential, and I am going to suggest it to my members so they can find out what type of leader they are. Leaders lead by example not just what they say. My goal is have everyone that is involved in Brothers In Action to be key assets to Ashland University in the up most positively way.


Daivon Barrow


Growing up I can always remembering going to Block Buster to get the latest rental on the movies. The store was so beneficial for people because you can watch a movie by renting the movie. Over time as things changed, and a new & improved software was created. It allowed people to watch many of movies from their location. Netflix was the name of the new software that made a difference in people’s leisure time.  In 1997 Reed Hastings, and Mark Rudolph changed the dynamics, and culture of streaming media, video on demand online, and DVD through email. These two young men had a remarkable dream, and made it more accessible for everyone. Netflix purpose was to become the best global entertainment distribution service, licensing entertainment content around the world, and creating markets that are accessible to film makers according to Netflix Inc”.

Of course by having an impactful creation worldwide it would establish a sense of culture expectancy. Netflix has seven key culture component that they abide by. The seven things are values are what we value, high performance, freedom & responsibility, context, not control, and highly aligned loosely coupled, pay top market, promotions and development.  Those are the seven key assets that typically that makes the reputation of this successful company. First they have implemented some very important rules that they stand by. These rules makes the employee’s job more accessible, and flexible. The reasoning behind that statement is because two of the aspects are high performance, and freedom & responsibility. Netflix expects maximum effort, and assets around their company not liabilities. Netflix also states they have a certain type of skills and behavioral characteristics they have installed for their employees to follow. Showing, and teaching the employees etiquette is another reason why this company is unique. Netflix stands out with different things that they require within their employees.  This shows that the company have some intensity for being competitive. They require these different characteristics in their employees to recruit and hire the best.   It also lets you know that they have high expectations for their employees.

Also they suggest, and require you to get your freedom, but be responsible. This rule is a reminder for employees to allow them to get their freedom, but be responsible while you are doing it. The culture foster a successful organization because it allow one to be comfortable at all times. The organization employees loving working for them. The more everyone is comfortable, and enjoying it, the company will continue to be successful.

Netflix culture Is similar to my organization that I have started. Brothers in Action is an organization that was created to help with the division in conversations, and dialogues through all men on campus. It was created to allow some males to have a sense of comfortability through an organization on campus. In comparison Netflix have a sense of similar organization.   If everyone if feeling involved in the organization, and everyone is comfortable it will increase the effectiveness of the organization. After a small comparison of Netflix and Brothers In Action culturally I found another similarity. High performance is something we take deep pride in. Whenever we are preparing for an event or doing community engagement projects we urge for high performance. When you perform highly, and complete a task that you prepared yourself for you gain confidence collectively, and it’s a great feeling. In my opinion for you to have a successful organization or work well in a group everyone needs to be involved.

As shown Netflix is a company that is moving forward, and finding new ways and ideas for it to improve. Over the years it has made remarkable innovations, and as technology increases I am excited to see what Netflix has in store.

Daivon Barrow


The purpose of this case study is to find the common qualities effective teams, and company’s display. There are numerous of successful organizations, and companies, but they all have different guidelines and structure but have the same goal. Many companies like for their employees to have a flexible work schedule that is accessible for their employees. For this unique case study it is extremely important that we magnify the strengths that some companies use and how effective these strategies are. As many would say there may be some strengths to focus on, but there are also some weakness to analyze within some companies.

During class we had the opportunity to watch a short film of the evolution of Google. As a class we were exposed to information that shared when google first started to how it is a multimillion dollar company today. As we learned more information about Google, the film obtained the purpose of Project Aristotle at google. Project Aristotle landed the easiest way to make a working team successful. Google discovered that psychological safety is one of the major key components. If your team members are safe psychological about working together, and not afraid to take risk for each other then they will be successful. You must have a team that can trust each other, and they are willing to sacrifice for one another. The purpose of project Aristotle was to make everyone feel comfortable around each other. The more comfortable someone may be for their job then the more efficient they can be during the work force. Some unique information that was found from learning the study is the accessibility of the job. As shown in the video google, has a barbershop, fitness center, food court, and different physical activities you can get involved in while still being at work. It allows you to perform at your paste because everything is more adaptable for people. Google tries it very best to eliminate as much stress on their employees so they can be very efficient.

Forming effective work teams are the results after proceeding through with the study. Based whom characteristic skills, work ethic, leadership ability, major corporations prefer to work in teams but successfully conquering a task collectively. The team members are show great effectiveness between each other. They come together with ideas, suggestions, and ways to improve. Together they are effectively finding ideas how to improve or be efficient. From the article “ what Google learned from its quest to build the perfect team” by the New York Time Magazine the author states that the team members would get lunch together and hang out with each other outside of the office. This displays friendship and commitment between each other. They also would compete with each other on student ideas to challenge themselves. That explains the commitment and team work they have for each other.

Even in our class we are broken up into groups to work together to conquer a task. This allows us to be social interactive, it also allows us to work intensively to do something well. This also prepares us for us for a company like Google because we have experience working in a group. As being an athlete this will be a helpful or familiar work style, because athletes have experience working collectively, and also competing to do well.

I agree with both, I believe that the research is accurate. I beli that working in groups is an effective way to be efficient. I also believe that there are important qualities that some need to equip in order to have a successful team. To have a successful team you need someone that has leadership instincts. Working collectively allows you to be exposed to different opinions also it brings up topics of discussion. As a leader you need someone to guide everyone out, motivate them, and also encourage them to do well. I participated in a group project, and we would meet daily. The project was for my public relations class. We would share our new ideas, be a voice for each other, and also help each other out. With me having experience on having my own organization it was brought to me to be the leader of the team. I had experience on being as leader so it wasn’t a challenge. I had everyone accountable for their work, and also for their social characteristics. As a group collectively we got better because we enjoyed each other a lot and wanted to do well. The study finding is similar how I run my organization. We meet collectively weekly, and I expect everyone to have their task done each week. We encourage each other, and complement each other as well. Everyone is assigned to some team, and have some position of leadership by having a task every week. It allows your members to get involved and also it allows them to have a sense of ownership.

Daivon Barrow

Daivon Barrow is a senior here at Ashland University. Daivon is a Sport communication unnamedmajor with a minor in sport management. Daivon is also a four year lettermen on the varsity football team here at Ashland University.

Daivon is a leader here at Ashland University. He is the president of Brothers in Action. An organization he created on his own to help improve the interactions, conversations, and dialogues within all males on campus. Daivon is also is the presidential intern. With this opportunity Daivon directly works with President Campo on projects supporting the mission statement and purpose of Ashland University. Also with his busy schedule Daivon is also the vice president of the senior class. He serves on student senate here at Ashland University. Daivon is also the event coordinator of the black student alliance.

Daivon has struggled interacting with other people when he first arrived at AU. He has overcome this challenge, and now he is extremely active. One of his ways by overcoming his challenge was to start an organization. He has dialogues with people no matter their ethnicity, and succeeds at it.

Some of Daivon’s hobbies are working out, and reading. Daivon loves to read. He says that reading relaxes him faster than anything. Some other things that Daivon loves to do is volunteer. He volunteer at a local little league football team in Columbus to help the kids with their technique, and passion for the game. Daivon has also volunteered at his high school to help raise money for funding for the school so they can earn new school equipment.

Daivon ultimate goal is to have his own organization that creates structure and uplift to young males in the inner city. His goal is to get them accustomed to a lot of different opportunity that involves their future in higher education. He is very passionate about working and being an inspiration for the young males.