Reagan Wheeler-Strengths Finder 2.0

by Reagan Wheeler

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Strengths Finder was very useful in realizing what my specific strengths are when thinking about a work setting. It showed me some I never even thought about before. I didn’t realize that I had certain strengths and it really encouraged me. It gave me a confidence that will help me in the future.


The first strength that I had in my results is Adaptability. A person who is strong in Adaptability prefers to go with the flow of things. They live in the now and take things as they come one day at a time. The future is determined by the choices they make as they go and are not taken off course by unexpected situations. They expect the unexpected, allowing them to adapt well and be flexible. This person is not intimidated by circumstances that others might find intimidating and is able to help others see how to keep moving forward.

Roles that demand predictability and structure can frustrate a person who is strong in Adaptability. These roles can make them feel inadequate. A weakness in this strength is that I need to look to others for planning and for help with my long-term goals. This is so I can move forward with my day-to-day tasks that I would be constantly busy with.

I have shown this strength many times, whether it is group projects or just with a friend. I always try to help people see the finish line when unexpected things happen. I try to help them see that it’s going to be okay; that everything is still going to get done even though it doesn’t seem like it at the time.


The next strength I received is I am an Arranger. An Arranger is able to organize and be flexible when it comes to productivity. A person with this strength likes to move things around or look at all the possible ways to effectively do something. They want to find the most productive way to do things. This person does the best when they are confronted with something unexpected and must jump into confusion to find a new way to get a job done. These people are happiest when they are working with a team where they can use everyone’s strengths to get a job done.

This could also be a weakness. I might stress out the other members of a group when throwing out a bunch of other ways to work. I might take a leader role where I shouldn’t or I could be mistaken as bossy and then have the other members not cooperate.

I wasn’t expecting this strength when I received my results. After reading the description of it, I started to see more of how this is one of my strengths. When working with groups on projects or papers, I do figure out what the other members have to offer and then suggest a part of the project they might be able to do best. When things might not go the way they’re expected I am somewhat quick at figuring out a new way to them. And I do it a way that’s calm and collected.


My third strength is Connectedness, which says that I am strong in the belief that everything happens for a reason. This strength says that I believe everyone is part of something bigger, which implies certain responsibilities. A person with this strength is accepting, considerate and caring and builds bridges for people from different cultures. They have a strong faith and value system and give comfort to people by helping them see there’s a bigger purpose for them. This gives support when it comes to the mysteries of life. People with Connectedness show those from different groups how to rely and relate to each other and help them find meaning in the confusion of the world, bringing them comfort and hope.

A weakness that can come from this is I might not have the right words to say at the time, which might bring more unsteadiness. I might bring so much positivity to others that I might forget to make sure I feel steady myself. I might become routine in my thinking.

I am very much this way. I would definitely say that Connectedness is strength of mine. I am constantly trying to encourage people in a way that makes them feel that they are needed. I believe that everyone is here for a bigger purpose and I don’t want anyone to feel that they are not here for a reason. I like showing others from different cultures or groups how they relate. Everyone can relate to each other in the fact that we are all here, for what I believe, to be the same purpose. Even in a much smaller sense, when working with a group, I like to make sure everyone is included and knows that they’re needed to get the job done. I like to give people hope and a foundation to stand on.


The fourth strength I received is Positivity. This strength gives a person contagious enthusiasm. They are upbeat and excited about what is going to be done. A person with this strength is always looking for the positive side of the situation and is very quick to praise or smile. They can keep others hopeful and encourage them to be more productive. They are very optimistic, fun-loving and hopeful and celebrate all achievements, making them more vital.

A weakness that I see in this is I might be so energetic and enthusiastic in my attempt to help others see the silver lining that I may not give them the outlet they need. They might just need someone to listen and be there rather than telling them to be positive all the time. I think I need to be careful about that and make sure I am being sensitive too.

This strength is very true in me. I always try to encourage everyone when it seems that everything is going wrong. I tell my friends, family, coworkers and group members that it’s okay when things go wrong. I reassure them that it’s going to be okay and then I show them something from it that went right. It makes me so happy when the person I’m trying to encourage sees that one thing too because then I know that I have the hope of everything still working out. It brings out the perseverance in them. Once they see it and keep working toward the end goal, they teach themselves not to give up. It makes them feel even more proud when the finish whatever goal they were working towards. I have certain things that I say to people when they start to feel like everything is falling apart. Things like, “Hey, it’s not like you’re not going to get it done. You know you’re going to get it done so you can rest assured in that.” Or, “Hey, it’s okay. I know you’re going to keep trying until you get it right. I know you can do it. Just take it one step at a time.” And then I’ll smile to give them some hope. I’m very proud to have this as one of my strengths.


My fifth strength that I received is belief, which says that I have core values that are unchanging. And from these values I have a defined purpose for my life. People with this strength have a strong sense of purpose and their values affect their behavior and have a sense of mission that gives their lives direction and meaning. They see success as more than just money and status but as a way of living according to their values, which guide them through the distractions and temptations of life. This is the foundation of their relationships and they are seen as trustworthy and dependable people. Their values drive their determination.

There is a weakness in this strength. I think a person’s values really do determine how they live and some people’s values may not be so good. This can cause problems in many ways. It can affect the people around them and themselves.

This is a big strength of mine. I am very strong in my values, which do lead the way for how I live. If I didn’t have values then I don’t know what kind of person I would be today. The values I have do push me to do my best in everything I set out to do. I use it in my jobs, schoolwork and relationships with friends, family, coworkers and so on. I think this strength is what will and does help me most in life.

All of these strengths are already helping me in my unique leadership style. I know that are going to help my in my future workplaces and jobs. They all go hand in hand with each other and I can see that clearly. I can use these to help my coworkers to work together even if they all have very different backgrounds or ideas. I can help encourage my coworkers by showing them the silver linings that they might not see. I will make sure that they know they are needed and that stay encouraged when something falls apart. I’m really glad to see that these are my top five strengths and how I have been using them throughout my whole life. It’s pretty cool and I’m excited to see how I will use them in the future.

I think that an organization that would benefit from this type of leadership is any organization, honestly. Every organization needs a leader who views every person as useful and needed. That is what will keep people happy and confident. Every organization needs a leader who is going to encourage them when things don’t go right instead of a leader who kicks them while they’re down. An organization needs a leader who can find the most efficient way to complete a project and who can deal well with the unexpected.

Sabrina Mills-Strengths Finder 2.0 Analysis

by Sabrina Mills

Strengths Finder Analysis


The strengths finder analysis is a test to find out what my top skills and strengths are that will help me to better understand what kind of beneficial roles I can bring to the environment around me. I have used this recently and whenever i’m around my friends, I can tell how my strengths play out. This is beneficial in understanding my unique style as a leader because everyone has a different personality. So leadership qualities make every leadership style a little different. And each style brings something unique to the table.



This means that I like to solve problems. If I come into contact with a problem that I’ve had before. I know how to face it head on. It also means that I enjoy bringing things back to life. I like to give new life and new meaning to the things around me to try and energize the people around me. Sometimes bringing it back to life is what saves the company. In other words, I fixed it, saved it, and brought it back to life.


A possible weakness would be that I’m trying to restore something that isn’t able to be brought back. So not only would I be wasting time and effort, but i’d be wasting my skills on something that isn’t coming back.


A personal example of this is when my friends are having a fight. No matter what the situation is, I can be the party to step in and try to help them solve it. If I’m not part of the fight, this helps to solve the conflict faster. Being able to see it from both sides is also an advantage that I have when trying to help people solve problems.



Includer means that I like to make the circle wider. I want to include everyone and make sure that everyone feels welcome and not out of place. I like to make people feel the warmth of the group. I push judgments aside. Their religion, race, etc. doesn’t make a difference to me. I feel that everyone is important, and no one should be ignored.


If I came across a person I wanted to include, but this person didn’t bring good to the table, this is a weakness. I have met people who did nothing but try to bring others down and that’s not the kind of people that I want surround myself with.


My group of friends has always called me the recruiter. Whenever we meet new people or see someone sitting by themselves, I’m the one that goes over and invites them to sit with us. Whenever we meet new people, i’m the one to introduce everyone, and make sure that they know they are welcome to hang around us.



Empathy is when I can sense the emotions of people around me. I can feel their feelings as if they are my own. I able to see their side. Even if I don’t agree with the choices that they are making, I still understand why they made that choice. Im also good with helping others to find what they want to say. Finding the right words, and the right tone.


If I’m trying to help someone, and try to understand how they might feel, a weakness would be if I was intrusive, or of they didn’t want to be helped. If I step too far over boundaries, or if I make the person feel uncomfortable, all of my effort is lost. Sometimes even if I don’t agree with their choices, even though I understand, it might affect the way that I see this person, and it could affect our relationship.


One of my friends used to have conflicts with her mother a lot. Whenever she came to me about it, I would tell her that she needed to talk to her mother instead of screaming at her all the time. I suggested that maybe her mother was angry because all they did was fight all the time. She told me one day that she took my advice, and her mother and her were trying not to yell all the time, and trying to talk things out.



I am living in the moment. I can go with the flow. Whatever situations throw at me, I can take them as they come, and figure out what to do. This means that I know the future is uncertain, so I take it as it comes. I never expect anything to be exactly planned, so I know that it can change. I am a flexible person, who can stay productive.


A possible weakness is that sometimes it’s good to plan for the future because even though you never know what coming, sometimes having a set plan is the right thing to do. Because this could end up being the one certain thing for you in the foreseeable future. So sometimes having something to count on is nice when everything else is uncertain.


From personal experience, I know that nothing is certain. Relationships change, people change, people leave. Nothing is certain. But I am able to adapt to changes quickly, because that’s what I’ve had to do for most of my life. I don’t plan too far ahead because I know that things can change at the drop of a hat. I had to change schools my senior year, and so I know what life can throw at you.



I can see potential in others. I can see what they can do, as opposed to what they are doing.I believe that everyone is a work in progress, and everyone can improve and grow with every day. I look for way to challenge them. To push them out of their comfort zone and to do better. I like encouraging people, and helping them. I look for new growth in people everywhere, because all improvement is good, whether it’s big or small.


When trying to encourage people, and push them past their limits, it can get hairy. Even though you know that they have the potential to do better, some people are just set in their ways. And some people are not open to change even if they see that they can do better. So even trying to help them becomes a nuisance to them. 


I used to go to a summer camp, and there was a kid who never believed in himself. Always said that he couldn’t do something. Or that he wasn’t good enough. But the biggest thing he wanted to do was join the baseball team at his school. He didn’t believe it was even worth the shot, because he didn’t think he was good enough. I told him that he should try out anyway, because he would never know if he never tried. I told him that I believed he was good enough, and that I didn’t want him to give up. 


My five top strengths would work well together to create my own personal leadership skills. I think that I am already a leader in my own way, so my top strengths would help to refine the skills I already have. My problem solving skills would help to solve conflicts, and my empathy strength would help me to see from other people’s points of view, so I could try to be as fair as possible.


My developer skills would work well in leadership because by seeing the potential in others, I can work with them to help them reach their true potential. I can also motivate people to try their hardest so that they will be able to see that they can do more than they think they can. And with empathy, if i can see what someone is having trouble with, I can help them within my power to overcome their obstacles.
I think a lot of businesses would benefit from this type of leadership. A lot of businesses have leaders who like to settle arguments with one final decision, where my style would be to hear both sides of the story and see the problems from a different angle.


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Tony Snider – Strengthsfinder Analysis

by Tony Snider

Taking Strengthsfinder 2.0 for myself was incredibly enjoyable.  Although lengthy, as I strengthsfinderworked along on the questions I became more and more conscious about what my test results might be, and I eventually started to write down and guess what the test might say my strengths were.  After getting my results I was pleased to see the test conclude my top five strengths were being a relator, having competitive nature, being consistent, being adaptable to multiple situations, and also being restorative by nature.

1.)Relator – I was pleased to see that my top strength listed was a relator.  As I thought more about it I looked back into my life and realized how much I do enjoy being open to those that are close to me and being able to listen well and understand that person’s situation.  The Strengthsfinder 2.0 had a relator relator talents described as a person’s attitude toward their relationships and how we are specifically drawn to close to those that we already know well.  Although relators do not necessarily shy away from new people, we feel more comfortable being around those that we know a lot about and are able to connect with on a more sentimental level.

I feel that this trait does describe me pretty well because of how much I enjoy getting to learn about people and connecting with them on a more serious level.  Both back home and here at Ashland University I am known to be friends with most everybody, although I do have that close knit group of inseparable friends both at home and here at Ashland as well.  The relator trait in me helps me grow more important and worthwhile relationships with these closer groups of people in my life.  In the workplace this trait will help me because I will be more able to create strong connections with coworkers and management that will help me advance my career in the long run.

2.)Competition – Seeing that competition was listed as one of my strengths was no surprise to me.  Someone who has a strong competitive nature holds their talents and achievements compared to others at a very high level.  This trait in me helps me strive to be the best at basically everything I go out to do.  Those with this trait hold the “if it is worth doing, it is worth doing right” type of mindset.

My whole life has been centered around athletics, which is where this competitive trait has grown in me.  I was a three-sport athlete all throughout high school, which fueled my competitive nature.  Football was my love, although I was always one of the smallest athletes. In football there is a very distinct “no excuses” type of attitude that comes along with it, one that I understood from a young age.  I loved the game and loved to prove people wrong on the field.  This trait can come in very handy in my future career.  No matter what work someone is doing, if they do not have an attitude that pushes them to do their best work, they will never succeed as much as someone that does poses that attitude.  Being as competitive as I am, I know it will only help me to climb the ladder position wise throughout my career.

3.)Consistency – Interestingly enough, following “relator” and “competition” came consistency for me.  Although I enjoy getting to know people on a deeper level and hold such a competitive nature, I am still adamant about treating people equally and fairly, and am able to make fair judgements.  The consistency strength is given to those that are able to create a consistent and livable environment around them.  I feel that this trait does fit me well, as I do not have a specific “clique” or type of person that I am to become close with.

In my time thus far I feel that I have been able to connect with many different types of people and hold a steady work ethic as well.  Those with this consistency strength find a way to hold their values and guidelines at a high standard, always.  This strength will help me in the workplace as I will better be able to create relationships with many groups of people and still be able to hold a steady, consistent schedule as well.

4.)Adaptability –  Seeing the adaptability strength in my top five was another strength that I was proud to see in myself.  This strength is given to those that do not necessarily see the future as a fixed destination and take pride in developing and learning new material along the way.  I feel this strength does apply to me because of how understanding I am of certain situation.  I like to be challenged at times because I feel that conquering new tasks and learning new skills can only better as a person.

This adaptability trait in me has derived much from an internship that I worked the summer of 2015.  I worked for a company called Automated Data Processing, or “ADP”.  At ADP I conducted phone interviews to those applying to lower level positions in large companies such as Pepsi Co and Hallmark.  I had never done any work along these lines, but realized how great of an opportunity it was for me to work for a prestigious company and learn useful information for my future.  Now I am at the point of understanding where I enjoy tackling new jobs because of the benefits I can receive from broadening my knowledge.

5.)Restorative – Seeing the restorative strength in my top strengths confused me a bit.  I
was thrown off by this trait until I dug deeper into exactly what this strength meant.  The Strengthsfinder 2.0 described this as someone that loves to problem solve.  Those with this trait enjoy overcoming obstacles and do not get down when something does not go their way.  I realized after a minute how closely this strength relates back to the adaptability trait.  Both are centered about being able to overcome challenges and not getting put down by something that may get in their way.

I feel that this restorative trait is another one that stems from my time as an athlete.  In the world of sport one never knows what hurdles they may have to climb next. Whether it be sickness, injury, or lack of performance, there are always reasons an athlete may not be able to be on the field for game day, but that was the burning thought in the back of my head that drove me to be my best every single day.  At any given second the things you love in life may be stripped from you without any notice, and you have to be prepared to be able to face these challenges head on and net let them determine your quality of life.  Having this restorative trait I am able to understand the challenges that may lay ahead of me.  In the work place if I am able to be better equipped for different types of challenges I may face, it will give me an initial head start over those competing for the same spot that may not be able to overcome these challenges as well.

StrengthsFinder Analysis (Torin)

by Torin Wetzel

StrengthsFinder Analysis



StrengthsFinder is definitely beneficial to understanding the leadership skills people possess. Sometimes it is extremely difficult to know how exactly you are as a person in certain situations, so StrengthsFinder really helps with identification. All the questions may get tiresome, but they are used to show patterns in your answers. The strengths that I received when I finished my assessment were very accurate. I believe that if you take time with the assessment you will receive accurate results. The questions themselves were interesting and some were hard to answer. Once you finish the assessment you get a feeling for why certain questions were asked and others were not. The test itself does not take too long and the results are worth it.

  • Includer

The first strength that I received by StrengthsFinder was Includer. Includers feel very strong about make sure other are in the loop and do not feel excluded from a group. They have very high acceptance for people and will make sure people feel as though they are part of the group. Includers are very good at noticing people who are left out and who are feeling uncomfortable in a situation. This strength was my number one strength with StrengthsFinder. I believe that this is right on point. I am very in tune to people and hate to have people left out. From as early as I remember I have always tried to make friends with those who seem they are in need of one. I have sat by people who seem alone at lunch and included people in my friend group that needed some friends. I have even continued to do this through college because it is just part of my nature.

I worked at a YMCA this summer at day camp where I had to work with children every day. I found it very important to include children in each game or activity we had. I always tried to help the children who seemed to seem out of the loop and away from everyone else. Children should not feel alone especially in an environment like that. One of my favorite children at camp and the one that I spent the most time with was a 6-year-old with minor autism. He was always excluded by the other children because he was a little bit different. I loved him though, he was so fun to be around and I know I was his best friend at camp. I believe that things like that make me an includer. In my opinion, the StrengthsFinder assessment got this first strength right for me.

  • Developer

The second strength that I received from the StrengthsFinder assessment was developer. A developer sees potential in others and enjoys helping them to grow to that potential. Developers look to challenge others to make them better, and the encouragement they often have helps people to push themselves to greater lengths. They get motivation and satisfaction from seeing others grow and helping them to obtain their goals. A weakness to this strength may be that the developer spends too much time worried about others development that they don’t focus on their own goals and aspirations.

I believe that this strength does apply to me in a couple of different ways. I think that I do put others before me in a lot of situations. I’ve always been an unselfish person and I think that seeing other succeed is a very enjoyable experience. I have played sports my entire life and I remember always trying to make sure others are getting play time and chances to succeed. Seeing other become better and more comfortable is a nice thing to witness. I think that being a part of the reason someone does well is such a powerful thing. People cannot achieve the things they do without help and people there to push them to strive for more. Being one of the people that helps to do that is very personally beneficial. I think that this strength fits me pretty well. I would say that I have been a developer many times in my life, but I do not seek it out as much as I used to when I was younger.

  • Positivity

People that possess the positivity trait are very good at getting other enthused and excited about things as well as working people out of bad moods and habits. Positivity is a great strength to have as they are very quick to smile and look for the better side of every situation. They seem to find ways to lighten and make a room feel better and more comfortable. Positivity is infectious and it makes people feel better when present in a room.

I believe that this trait does fit me for most aspects of my life. I believe I am a very positive person and am quick to find the better in a situation. I am rarely ever in a bad mood and even if I was it would only last a few minutes. I have showed positivity through diversity whether it be in school, sports, or daily life. I think that sometimes a little too much positivity can be trouble because you need some balance in your life and you cannot just always put a fake smile on. With that said, positivity is a great trait to have when dealing with others and yourself, there just has to be a little balance.

Positivity is extremely powerful in certain situations. Sometime all that people need is someone to be there for them and smile and bring some encouragement. That can go a long way when someone is feeling down or in a bad place. I remember in high school in Monroe, MI  when one of the boys in our class passed away how down everyone was, it was a very tragic time and especially because we didn’t have that many people in our school so everyone knew each other. The first few days of school after the fact were extremely rough, and then I remember people starting to just talk about his life and how much fun we had with him. We all started to try to be extremely positive and enlightened with the situation and find the good behind it. Although it was a terrible experience, positivity helped all of us cope with the situation and move forward to believe our friend was in a better place.

  • Restorative

Restorative was the fourth strength that my assessment appointed to me on StrengthsFinder. People with restorative talents are very good at solving problems and issues and often seek out tougher tasks to challenge themselves. They want to find a solution to an issue or problem and will work hard until they find one. They can make adjustments and analyze situations in order to achieve the challenge.

I think that this strength fits me in some ways, but others not so much. I like to solve problems and issues but I can also sleep at night knowing somethings have not been resolved yet. I also tend to take some shortcuts with things by nature, and a restorative would not do that. A restorative wants to fight the tougher battles and take on the tougher tasks and I think sometimes I shy away from that path. I do like to solve issues and find results though, I just do not think it is with as much passion as restoratives.

  • Belief

Belief was the fifth strength that the assessment gave me. People with strong belief have a set in stone set of values. They may be different from person to person, but those with these values are very persistent. They have deep core values that may just be personal ideas or beliefs that they live by day to day. They have a strong sense of meaning and are very mission based, which helps them with direction in their lives. They are very trustworthy and driven people with a lot of self-motivation.

I believe that this strength fits me the least out of the five that StrengthsFinder gave me. I tend to waiver a lot with things and am not set in stone with my beliefs at all times. I tend to be more go with the flow and change my opinions from time to time. With that said, I do possess some of the traits involved with belief. There are many things personally that I believe in that are not changing and are not waivered. I also have goals set for myself that I enjoy pursuing and won’t stop pursuing.

My top five strengths from StregthsFinder are includer, developer, positivity, restorative, and belief. I believe that all of these strengths can be very beneficial to a person, and also that I do possess at least some of each of these strengths. Including people who seems left out works great with being a developer. With these two strengths you are including those who feel left out and also pushing them to grow and seeing the potential in them for success. Those two strengths work hand in hand in my opinion.

Positivity also works in well with the includer and the developer. Being positive is a trait that can help you in any setting. It will especially help when trying to include others and help them fit in as well as when trying to guide people to their full potential. I cannot think of many scenarios when positivity does not help the situation. I believe that restorative and belief fit well together because someone who is intrigued with solving problems needs to have firm beliefs and a good moral standard. To be able to adapt to situations you need to have good core values in order to not lose yourself in the work. My five strengths seem to fit together well and would make a pretty good leader.

Kenzie Fischer- StrengthsFinder 2.0 Analysis

by Kenzie Fischer

Taking StrengthsFinder 2.0 has not only allowed me to learn my top strengths, it has also taught me how to utilize them. It is usually difficult for me to look at myself and analyze my strengths. However, after taking StrengthsFinder 2.0 and reading about my top five strengths, it is easy for me to identify these strengths and how to use them in the near future.

One: Empathy

When one is empathetic, they can sense the emotions of people around them. They can feel what others are feeling as if the emotions were their own. They can see the world through others’ eyes and share their perspectives. They perceive people’s pain or joy, sometimes before it has even been expressed. Their ability to understand is extremely powerful; they can hear unvoiced questions and anticipate needs. They help people give voice to their emotional lives.

I feel that this trait represents me perfectly. While others struggle to find the words, I always seem to find exactly the right things to say and strike the right tone. I’m the person my friends come to with advice or if they just want to vent about their day. I always help people express their feelings, to themselves as well as to others. Ever since I was young, I have had a knack for sensing how people are feeling even before they have expressed it out loud. Having this trait has made people very trustworthy of me. People trust me because I let that person know that I know how they are feeling. If someone is lying to me, I can always catch on. All I have to do is look at their face or listen to their tone of voice, and I know instantly whether or not they are telling me the truth.

My friends always feel understood by me and seek my company. I have been told all my life that I am too sensitive, overly emotional, or that I wear my heart on my sleeve. Personally, I do not think that is a bad thing. People have told me that I pick up on feelings that even they don’t notice. I’ve noticed before how sensitive I am to others’ emotions. I can enter a room and have a sense of the general mood of the environment.

In a group setting, I feel like being empathetic can be helpful because I seem to know things without being told. I sense what needs to be done or what is about to happen. My gut feeling almost always proves to be correct. I can also help my colleagues be aware of the feelings of coworkers. Possessing this trait, I must have my alone time at the very least once a day. I have routines at the end of each day that allow me to destress.

Although being empathetic has many strengths, it also has several weaknesses. Negativity overwhelms me. I cannot stand raised voices, conflict, or anger. I feel physically sick as a result of negative energy. I also often show up with the symptoms of people around me. If someone close to me is depressed, I will develop the same thing. Although I love listening to people and giving them advice, I am too often the dumping ground for other people’s problems. People always gravitate towards me and unload all of their pain and problems on me. I feel compelled to help, but sometimes it can be too much for me.

Two: Restorative

People who are restorative love to solve problems. They enjoy the challenge of analyzing symptoms, identifying what is wrong, and finding the solution. While some are unsettled when they encounter yet another breakdown, people with strong restorative talents are energized by it. They like bringing things back to life by fixing them or rekindling their value. They bring courage and creativity to problematic situations.

When I first read that my second trait was restorative, I was confused. I thought that there must have been a mistake, that isn’t me. But as I started to read further, I now understand why being restorative is one of my strengths. I bring a solution oriented mindset to daily problems. I am always ready to take on new projects, no matter how difficult they might be. I know I’ll find a way to succeed. I can analyze a situation, identify potential limitations, and make necessary accommodations.

In the work force, my success depends on my ability to look to problems, and resolve them. Whether this happens with people, organizations, or intellectual problems, I always do the same thing: 1. I discover what is not working for me. 2. I look for resolution. 3. I guide people. 4. I increase my performance. Solving problems has just always come naturally to me. I can always help.

Three: Harmony

Harmonious people want peace and to try to bring others together. Not much can be gained from conflict. Those with strong harmony see what people have in common, even during conflict. They try to steer others way from confrontation and toward reconciliation. They seek to help individuals, families, and organizations work together. When others argue, they steer clear of the debate, wanting to talk about practical, down- to- earth matters on which everyone can agree.

I feel that harmony is a great representation of my personality. I believe that when people work together, everything goes a lot more smoothly. Having a group of friends with differing perspectives is important to me because I feel that having an open mind to other points of view will help me learn. In everyday life, I do everything in my power to achieve my goals. It is proved that harmonious people are excellent problem solvers, much like my restorative trait. If my friends are having a problem, I like to get to the root of issue. I ask them to share their thoughts about the problem. When people voice their side of the story, I can find things where everyone can agree.

Four: Input

People who have the input trait are inquisitive. They always want to know more. They crave information. They like to collect certain things, such as ideas, books, or membookorabilia. Whatever they collect, they do it because it interests them they find many things interesting and have a natural curiosity. The world is exciting precisely because of its infinite variety and complexity. Their pursuits keep their mind fresh and they know that one day some of the information they have in their minds will prove valuable.

While I love adding to my knowledge, I also enjoy collecting books. I have been collecting books ever since I was ten years old. I have a collection of books in many different genres, but my favorite books are about mental illness and eating disorders. These books have helped me store knowledge and will be helpful in the future when I intern with the National Eating Disorder Association.

I recognize my strengths and always try to find more information about them. In my busy schedule during the day, I try my best to read a book for at least an hour if I have time. While I’m reading, if I stumble upon an interesting fact or quote, I write it down and look back and think about it later on.

Five: Consistency

Balance is important to people with consistency. They are aware that they need to treat people the same, no matter what. They see themselves as guardians of what is right and fair. They believe that people function best in a consistent atmosphere with clear rules that apply to everyone. They know what is expected and it is predictable.

I am diagnosed with ADHD, so I feel that consistency suits me well. I can easily make judgements on people and situations. As a result of this, people have confidence in me and see me as trustworthy. I am always realistic about the situation. Whatever the issue is, I always try my best not to jump to conclusions. I sit down and think about the best solution for everyone involved. My actions always match my words. Although sometimes it is hard not to be a hypocrite, I treat myself and other people equally. I try to do what I can to eliminate negative thinking. This is my biggest weakness. If I get stressed out about schoolwork, it is easy for me to get in a negative mindset. But I calm myself down and turn those thoughts around.  I set goals. Setting goals for myself is one of my biggest values. Whenever I set a goal for myself, I stay focused on my performance. I slowly make change. I learned a few years ago that if I try to do everything at once, all I’m going to do is overwhelm myself. I now make gradual changes in my life instead of jumping in head first. I hold myself accountable. Even though it hurts me to do so sometimes, I make sure that I recognize when I don’t come up to the standards and goals that I have set for myself. I increase my motivation. If I don’t stay motivated, I won’t make changes. I have learned to sort my different goals out one at a time and I remind myself why these things are important to me.

Critical Analysis:

After looking and reading through my five strengths, it is very helpful for me to see my leadership styles and how I will be able to use my strengths and succeed in my future career. All of my strengths tie into each other and I am able to achieve the goals that I set for myself and accomplish whatever I set my mind to. Although all of my strengths come with weaknesses, all of them come together and pertain greatly to me.

Strength Finder 2.0 Analysis

by Morgan Bittengle

StrengthsFinder 2.0 has been very beneficial to me in just the short two weeks I’ve been using it. It has helped me realize and see the areas in which I succeed most in, as well as opening my eyes in seeing the select areas that may need some work done. StrengthsFinder is very useful also because it helps me get a better understanding of my leadership styles by going in depth about each of my five strengths. Being able to read into the details helps me realize that the strengths mentioned do apply strongly in my personality and the way I work with other people/groups. I also like how StrengthsFinder enables me to see the connection to my strengths. They all relate and bounce off of each other in some sort of way and it is helpful being able to see that.

My number one strength was Discipline. I feel like this strength is very fitting for me and the way I present myself.To be discipline means to be on track and efficient, even when there are a million reasons and ways to get distracted and off topic. It also means being able to be stern with others when it comes down to a serious project or assignment. A possible weakness to this though may be that you could get caught up too much in trying to stay on track that you get lost and aren’t able to bring in other ideas. Being discipline is something that everyone has to achieve at some point to be able to succeed and reach a certain goal. There are so many distractions in the world that it can be easy to get off track.

An example of how I am discipline in my everyday life is by being a student-athlete. It is easy to get behind in classes due to the amount of times I have to miss a class, but by being discipline I am able to study and do my homework, even when all I want to do is sleep. Also along with being an athlete, it takes a lot of discipline on the field as well. Our coach tells us this everyday. Whether it be discipline enough to make the last sprint to get behind the ball or it be having the composure to finish the game winning shot. Ashland University is a great school and to be able to represent it through academics and athletics is something my team and I are discipline enough to do. Discipline is something I learned to be from a young age and I take pride in this being a strength of mine.

Another strength of mine is Harmony. This strength is all about trying to keep the peace between everyone involved and I think this is also a great representation of my personality. I feel that harmony is something I strive for because it helps things go a lot more smoothly when people are trying to work together for one goal/outcome. Harmony is finding the good and common in people even when there may be conflict going on. Being able to find the good in everyone is not an easy task, especially when there may be people who you may not like. Being harmonious means putting that aside and trying to find a common ground in which everyone will benefit from.

An example of how I am harmonious is one that my friends bring up often. No matter who it is that is arguing, I am always one of the first ones to step in and try to clear it up. I am not a fan of having awkward encounters and when friends are arguing, I feel it is awkward so, I step in. This also rolls over into group projects as well. I typically have a lot of input but I like to try to mix everyones ideas so no one feels left out on their ideas and everyone can be happy in the group. When a group all gets along, they are more likely to be successful and have better ideas to go off of, so I like to try to keep the peace between everyone.

Futuristic is the next strength on my top five list. Those who are futuristic are said to be inspired by the future and the what could be. They are amazed and fascinated by the future. Being futuristic means being inspired by the things that could happen in the future. The future is an exciting, scary thing, so being able to work now for success in the future is such a great motivator and it can make anyone work hard.

For anyone who knows me well, they know this is something I take very seriously. I am surprised that this strength wasn’t my top strength, because it means so much to me and I feel so strongly about it. For example, my senior year of high school I developed a “ten year plan” in which I included my goals and intentions of what I want to happen in my life in the next ten years. Some think this isn’t a good idea because it just gets my hopes up for stuff that may not be realistic, but I think of it as a good way to push myself to get to the things I want in life. One goal that I feel very strongly about is being able to move to Charleston, South Carolina at some point in the ten year plan.  Being able to look into the future and realize what I want out of life pushes me to be the best me each and every day. Since I have developed the ten year plan, I have had some set backs and I feel that it has only made me stronger and work harder to achieve what I truly want.


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My fourth strength was Relator. A relator is someone who is drawn to people they already know. They also have many friends, but keep a knit circle of a select few and form a deep relationship out of that. Someone who likes to build off of close friends in order to succeed more.

All my life I have been known to be a relator. I have had a lot of friends, but really only hung around a small group of them. With the small group I surround myself by, it is obvious we have that deep connection that isn’t just like an average friendship. I am grateful for these relationships because they truly bring out the best in me in school, soccer and life in general. We like to compare ourselves to Rachel, Ross and the rest of the crew on Friends.

My fifth and final strength mentioned was consistency. I take a lot of pride in this strength. People who are consistent try to make things as even and fair in the beginning as possible. Setting up clear rules and adhering to them is also another characteristic that someone who is consistent has.

When it comes to my personal life, I try to keep an even balance between school, soccer, social life and more, which means me being consistent. I am consistent with my personality as well, which means most people will know how I’m going to respond to something, I don’t typically change my views very easily.

I would say that my leadership style would lean more towards informal because even though I like to be efficient, I am personable and want what’s best for everyone in the group, hence the harmonious strength. I also feel in a work environment, that is how I would work best so I would want to try to create that type of scene as well. Having an open-door policy or workplace is very appealing because it doesn’t seem so restrictive and many people are able to show their strengths this way. In the workplace, it would be beneficial to be able to take ideas to anyone and everyone that way people can bounce ideas around and work off each other, rather than have a workplace where you can only take your ideas to the boss. Having a futuristic personality makes me feel even stronger about the open-door policy because I can see all the success that would come from people being open and discussing their ideas out loud.

After looking at my five strengths, it is helpful in seeing my leadership styles and how I will be able to succeed more with taking advantage of knowing the strengths. By being discipline, harmonious, futuristic, a relator, and consistent, I am able to achieve goals and accomplish projects in an efficient yet effective manner.All of these strengths pertain greatly to me and I could relate each and every one of them to playing college soccer, but I tried to limit that because it would have been repetitive. College soccer has taught me so many lessons though and brought my attention to my main strengths and where I am able to succeed the most.

Susanna Savage – Defining My Unique Leadership Style

by Susanna Savage

Taking StregthsFinder 2.0 has not only enabled me to understand my top strengths, but also to ruminate on how I can best utilize those strengths in a group setting. It is often difficult for people to step back and analyze their own behavior, and I am no exception. However, after taking StrengthFinder 2.0 and reading my top five strengths, it is easy for me to recognize the ways in which I exemplify these strengths and can utilize them in the future. The following are my top five strengths.

One: Strategic

People who are strategic tend to be able to see situations from many different angles at one time. They can quickly and efficiently weigh options, consider possible outcomes, and determine the best route of action. They are able to critically examine problems and maximize positive results. Strategic people are creative and lend a unique perspective to group work.

I feel that this trait is very accurate in describing me. I often use my creativity to determine the best solutions to problems. I use strategic planning in my everyday life, planning almost everything that I do out ahead of time. Whether this entails the order in which I run various errands, or the best use of my study time, I am always looking for the most efficient and effective path. As a fulltime student with both fulltime and  part time jobs, I am constantly planning and strategizing in order to maximize my time and ensure that high priority tasks are completed first.

In a group setting, I often make sure that the group spends time planning and weighing options. From the roles that each member will play in any given project, to the steps that should to taken to accomplish a project, it is important to me that as a group we decide what the best course of action is. Additionally, it is important, for the success of the project, that all of the group members understand these plans and the reasons behind them.

Two: Learner

People who are learners are motivated to gain knowledge. They have a passion for the process of taking in new information, and this learning does not always have to be geared towards some kind of end or goal. They do not necessarily feel compelled to learn in order to be rewarded, to gain social standing, or even to use the knowledge that they are learning. Learners enjoy learning simply for the process itself, distinct from any auxiliary benefits.

I firmly believe that it is important for me to gain as much knowledge as I can because it allows me to make educated decisions and to rely less on the opinions of others. It is because of this strength that I am currently majoring in three different areas of study plan to further my education after graduation in a fourth area at law school. It is my love for learning that has motivated me to study so many different areas in such depth. I generally can find interest in any class that I take, regardless of the subject matter, simply because I enjoy the process of learning new things and refining my knowledge in areas which I am already with.

In group settings, being a learner helps me be able to truly listen and understand the ideas of others. I am eager to learn all that I can from each and every team member. With the knowledge that I gain, I can make more educated decisions. This also allows me to look at situations from multiple viewpoints, rather then just one. I take what I learn and put it towards making informed, strategic decisions.

Three: Achiever

Achievers are driven to achieve. Each and every day they feel the need to achieve or to accomplish something. These people are continually looking for more challenging projects to tackle and always pushing themselves to achieve more then they previously had. Achievers are future oriented. Although they feel a sense of satisfaction when they finish a project or make an accomplishment, they quickly turn their attention toward the future and their next achievement.

The need for achievement is a driving force that is very alive in my every day life. I am always pushing myself to constantly do better then I have in the past. I am not motivated to achieve in order to receive praise or recognition, but simply for my own personal satisfaction. This is exemplified in the work that I put towards my GPA. While working full time and taking a full class load it is very difficult for me to maintain a high GPA. Sometimes I have to make sacrifices in my personal life to achieve my goal. Yet, I feel compelled to work towards that goal because I know that I am capable of achieving it.

The same is true for all areas of life. I always try to do the best work that I can possibly do. I like to say that if it can be done then I can do it. When working on group projects I generally act as a motivator to the other members of the group to ensure that the quality of the work that we do is as high as it can be. Although different group members may set lower standards of achievement for themselves then I do for myself, my drive to reach a high standard helps me motivate the others to set similar goals for specific group projects.

Four: Input:

People with the strength of input are interested and curious about the world around them. They enjoy finding and storing information about the things that interest them. They often collect things, such as books, quotes, or facts. Not only are they always searching for the answers to their questions about the world, but they also store the information that they find, hoping that it will one day prove useful to them. They bring with them a lot of knowledge that they can share with others in a group setting. They are also very thorough researchers.

For me, this goes hand in hand with learning, which was my second strength. However, while learning only deals with the process of obtaining knowledge, input has more to do with the storing away and collecting of that knowledge. While I enjoy adding to my mental store of knowledge by doing research and learning about things that interest me, I also enjoy physically collecting knowledge in the form of books. As a college student, I don’t have a lot of extra money to spend on books, but I do frequent used book stores and book sales. I have been collecting books for several years now and I am the proud owner of two large book cases full of books.

The newest edition to my shelves – a collection of short stories by Ray Bradbury

I also collect other types of information. When I’m working in the Writing Center, I keep record in a notebook of the things that I have learned on the job. I write down tactics that I have found to be successful in explaining complex concepts to students, approaches for dealing with difficult students, or considerations for working with students who speak English as a second language. This gives me a resource to look back to whenever I am unsure how to approach a situation. In group settings, I use this strength by keeping and organizing information that is vital to the goals of the group. I take notes during group meetings and keep track of important handouts, research results and lists. I also keep copies of documents generated by the group. By keeping track of important information I can ensure that the group will always have access to it.

Five: Intellection

People who have the strength of intellection enjoy thinking. They like to process and understand concepts at a deeper level. Because they enjoy thinking, these people rarely make decisions without taking time to consider all the possible outcomes. By taking time to consider before acting, they are able to move smoothly through projects without having to backtrack or change directions. Additionally, they are able to trouble shoot by determining the best route before choosing a course of action.

As part of strategic planning, I take the time to think things through before choosing a course of action. I enjoy exercising and stretching my mind, and the people who I am closest to are ones that I can have stimulating conversations with. In group settings, I have used this strength to ensure that the decision making process is sufficiently thorough and that decisions are not made to hastily and with too little thought. If I feel that a decision has not been fully explored before the group reaches a verdict, I always try to extend that process by asking questions and facilitating further discussion. In the past, this further discussion has sometimes changed the direction of the group and avoided difficulties farther down the road.

Critical Analysis

My unique set of skills work together to make me a valuable group member who strives for excellence both in group efficiency, and quality of work. My skills are relevant to any kind of group work and thus make me an asset to any group that I might find myself in.

The strengths of intellection, achiever and strategic thinking work together to form their own unique skill. The careful and thorough thought that comes from the intellection strength is vital to the ability to think strategically. Without deep thought and contemplation, strategic thinking, which weighs possible outcomes and explores all possible courses of action is impossible. In turn, it is difficult to achieve goals without strategic thought. The drive to achieve that I experience as an achiever is realized by strategic thought and planning. Together those skills maximize efficiency and facilitate choosing the best route to reach a goal.

The strengths of input and learner also come together to form a unique combined strength. The pursuit of learning enables me to find interest in gaining knowledge, and the strength of input motivates me to store that knowledge. Together, they make me a more knowledgeable person, with a stockpile of information from which to draw. Additionally, they enable me to learn and retain new information quickly. This skill is often vital when working on group projects.

Organizations that would most benefit from my leadership style are those for whom quality and efficiency of work is of the utmost importance. Through the combination of my strengths I thoughtfully and strategically work towards achieving the most positive outcome possible. I hope to further my education after graduation from Ashland University at law school. There I believe that my strengths, specifically achiever, learner and strategic will facilitate my learning and development. Later, as a lawyer, the ability to think strategically as well as the input skill will assist me in putting out the highest quality of professional work.