The Human Relations Behind Apple

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By Reagan Wheeler

The purpose of this case study is to show the Human Relations Approach of Apple Inc. This study will discuss how the company’s personal approach to human relations has helped them grow. It will also look at the company’s unique approach to employee training and how it could help other companies grow by also using the strategy.

The Human Relations Approach is the idea that employees are more motivated to do work when they are given praise, a feeling of achievement or accomplishment, when they feel like they belong, and are given financial reward (Human Relations…, n.d.). If a worker views their work to have significance and is encouraged to be active and productive then the quality of his or her work will be higher. The theory also states that people want to be apart of a group that is supportive and wants to bring growth to its members (Perry, 2011). This is a very important type of management to have in an organization. The relationships between employees and employers and co-workers are essential when it comes to getting things done. This is how business works. If there were no positive human relations then projects wouldn’t get done, new ideas wouldn’t be formed and there would be no motivation. The workplace needs to be engaging and stable and human relations brings this into that space. It is crucial to give employees the satisfaction of their work being done well and that it is valued. This increases their motivation and productivity. When the employer recognizes the value and needs of an employee it goes a long way. The building of relationships needs to be active inside of an organization because they bring motivation and creativity. When employees build relationships inside the workplace they begin to communicate with each other, which then brings out new ideas in which a company cannot survive without (Petryni, n.d.). The general atmosphere in an organization and the attitude of the management usually determines the performance level of its employees. If an employee can’t form relationships or friendships then work becomes a drag. Humans naturally want to build relationships with one another because that’s what makes us happy. If employees are building friendships with one another then the atmosphere will be happy and inviting, resulting in productivity. When co-workers build relationships with each other they are more successful in their position. Human relations are important because relationships stem communication and communication brings forth success. Communication is the main component of a positive work environment (Kumar, n.d.).

Apple Inc. is the well-known company that sells many of the electronics the world uses today. A few of these well-known products are the iPhone, iPod, iPad, and Mac computers. Apple’s current mission statement is, “Apple designs Macs, the best personal computers in the world, along with OS X, iLife, iWork and professional software. Apple leads the digital music revolution with its iPods and iTunes online store. Apple had reinvented the mobile phone with its revolutionary iPhone and App Store, and is defining the future of mobile media and computing devices with iPad.” It was changed a lot from the original mission statement given by Steve Jobs. His statement was, “To make a contribution to the world by making tools for the mind that advance humankind (Ivestopedia, 2015).” Job’s saw his company as a tool to better mankind all together and now, Apple sees the products as a way to advance and sees them as the purpose of the company (Investopedia, 2015).

I am analyzing the employee training aspect of Apple Inc.. Apple does not train their employees or provide training for them. There is training available to them but they have to do it themselves on their own time. Apple does not have a program they created themselves for their employees. The company wants their employees to develop their skills on their own and be self-reliant. To encourage their employees to do this, Apple rewards them financially. If he or she can contribute something great to the organization then they will get stock grants. Apple calls it, “an opportunity for wealth creation that you will have a nice retirement if you can reach your own individual accomplishment (Admin, 2013).” Apple wants agility to be the most important in the company. Employees are always going from one project to the next and must be able to switch focus quickly. They must be thinking about the next big thing as soon as a project is done. The company has many teams working on one project at a time. Each team is competing to win with their idea or product. The team with the best result will be chosen as the winner to carry out their idea. To help along the process of each team, there are two meetings held. The first is held to have general, realistic discussion on the ideas for the project. The second meeting is held to hear out anything and everything anyone on the team has to say. The employee training aspect of Apple Inc. works well for them. It pushes their employees to be the best they can be since they do not receive any training and are forced to rely on themselves. This trains them to always be prepared to learn new things and use them. This approach to employee training is how Apple brings out creativity in their employees (Admin, 2013).

Other companies could learn from this example of employee training. If other companies begin to encourage their employees to train themselves then the creativity within the company could start to flourish. At first, the employees might be a little worried and nervous because they will not have the direct instruction of training they are used to, but then they can begin to find the ideas and skills within themselves that they might not have recognized before. I think this approach could give companies a sense of confidence. If the employees are confident then company as a whole will be too. Confidence would also increase human relations between all the workers and bring forth new and innovative ideas.



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